Nov. 29, Aaron Bird-Bear

Notes from the Ethnic Cleansing Zone:
The Wisconsin Idea, Imperialist Nostalgia &
the Remaking of a Shared Future

Link to video, November 29th, 2016.

Photo of Aaron Bird Bear
Aaron Bird Bear

Aaron Bird Bear is the second American Indian Curriculum Services coordinator supporting the School of Education’s integration of American Indian Studies content into teacher education programs. Bird Bear (Mandan, Hidatsa, & Dine’ Nations) received his Educational Leadership Policy & Analysis masters degree from UW-Madison and previously coordinated American Indian Student Academic Services, a unit supporting Native American students at UW-Madison.

Assigned readings for this lecture:

Natives, Newspapers, and “Fighting Bob”: Wisconsin Chippewa in the “Unprogressive” Era by Patty Loew, from Journalism History; Winter 1997/1998: 23,4

“Real” Indian Songs: The Society of American Indians and the Use of Native American Culture as a Means of Reform by Michelle Wick Patterson, from American Indian Quarterly, Winter 2002; 26,1