Oct. 23, Daniel Grabois

Daniel Grabois – “Music Outreach, Music Inreach”

Daniel Grabois
Daniel Grabois

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Daniel Grabois, Ph.D., Horn at the Mead
MM Manhattan School of Music, 1989
BA Yale University (summa cum laude), 1986

Daniel Grabois is Associate Professor of Horn at the Mead Witter School of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he plays with the Wisconsin Brass Quintet, a faculty ensemble-in-residence, and teaches a studio of undergraduate and graduate students. Other responsibilities include conducting the UW Horn Choir, which Grabois refashions each spring into Twisted Metal, a French horn rock band playing songs arranged by the students in the horn studio. At UW, he serves as curator of the interdisciplinary series SoundWaves, which he founded in 2012. SoundWaves presents thematic lecture/performance programs that bring together speakers from around the university, and has to date involved collaborations with over 35 UW departments. Additionally, Grabois is the director of EARS (Electro-Acoustic Research Space) in the School of Music. EARS is equipped with the latest electronic music equipment, and serves as a research facility for faculty and students.

NOTE: Next SoundWaves is on November 30, 2018 at 7 p.m.
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For those who would like to view SoundWaves, recordings are posted on the Discovery website, with the videos stored on vimeo. You can go to Discovery Videos https://discovery.wisc.edu/videos and search for “SoundWaves” (one word)

Or, hopefully, go the SoundWaves event page with: https://discovery.wisc.edu/programs/soundwaves and click on “Videos of previous events”

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