Spring 2021 courses

There are no qualitative methods courses offered by the Department of Sociology this semester.

Previously offered courses

Soc 754 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology | Mike Bell

Soc 901 Grounded Theory Method | Joan Fujimura

Soc 901 Qualitative Data Analysis | Joan Fujimura

Soc 915 Ethnography and Theory | Mustafa Emirbayer

Soc 915 Chicago School | Mustafa Emirbayer

Soc915 The Sociology of Erving Goffman | Mustafa Emirbayer

Soc 955 Ethnographic Case Study | Jane Collins

Soc 955 Qualitative Methods: The Case Study | John Eason

Soc 955 Ethnography | Alice Goffman

Soc 955 Ethnographic Writing | Alice Goffman