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WISCER is a community for students and faculty devoted to investigating the social world through firsthand observation and interviews. We study a wide range of topics, from rising income inequality to environmental change, racial categories in human genetics to autism diagnoses. Hosted out of University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Department of Sociology and Department of Community and Environmental Sociology, we hold ethnographic classes, brown bags, and events. Our main weekly brown bag is SPAM, but many other sociology brown bags host ethnographic work, and when they do we link to them here. We also host a biannual Ethnography Party, which we welcome anybody on the listserv to attend.

Fall 2012 Soc955 class with guest speaker Matt Desmond

Fall 2012 Soc955 class with guest speaker Matt Desmond
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photo by Matt Desmond

Photos by and courtesy of: Samson Awosan, Matt Desmond, Esther HsuBorger, Katrina Quisumbing King, Casey Stockstill

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