The Sociology of Gender Brownbag (or FemSem) meets every Thursday from 12:30 to 2pm in Social Sciences 2435 (unless otherwise noted).

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  • FemSem Archive

    Fall 2013

    9/12 - Group discussion of the Harvard Business School Case Study on Gender Equity, as well as the sociological debate on gender categories in the ASA.

    9/19 - Katie Zaman, Doctoral Student in Sociology - Dissertation Proposal: Intersectionality, Women's Work, and Domestic Violence in the Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    9/26 - Lily Liang, Doctoral Student in Sociology - Thirty-Six Women Under One Roof: Isolation, Social Organization, and Tenant Respectability

    10/10 - Jessie Daniels, Professor of Sociology at CUNY, Hunter College - 'Our version of consciousness-raising groups': Gender, Race and the Political Economy of Feminist Online Activism. [Bio and Abstract] [Book chapter and article on Cyberfeminism]

    10/10 - Reception with Jessie Daniels. Quasi-pot luck at Myra's home.

    10/17 - Michelle Robinson, Doctoral Student in Sociology - Dissertation Proposal

    10/18 - Breakfast withBandana Puraystha, Professor of Sociology and Asian American Studies at the University of Connecticut

    10/24 - Yangsun Hong, Doctoral Student, School of Mass Communication and Journalism - Application of Feminist Intersection Approach to Heatlh Behavior Change Models: Interdisciplinary Theoretical Integration

    10/31 - Johanna Quinn, Doctoral Student in Sociology - Dissertation Proposal: Inside the Schoolhouse Doors: Examining the Labor Processes of Workers in Secondary Schools

    11/7 - Yun K. Cho, Doctoral Student in Sociology - Master's Thesis in Progress: Women in STEM

    11/11 - Tuesday, Race and Ethnicity Brownbag - Discussion: Fostering the Critical Use of Measures of Race in Wisconsin Sociology

    11/14 - Hannah Miller, Doctoral Student in Sociology - Dissertation Proposal: High School Effects on Inequality

    11/19 - Hae Yeon Choo, UW-Soc Alum and Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto, with the Politics, Culture, and Society brownbag.  

    Spring 2013

    1/31 - Di Wang - The Interim Survival of Feminist Activism in China: The Case of Women's Voice

    2/14 - Maria Azocar - Judicial Reforms and Gendered Palace Wars

    2/21 - Gender Prelim Committee - Gender Prelim Discussion with committee members and gender prelim veterans. Please attend if you plan to take the prelim in August.

    2/28 - Dr. Jeanne Flavin, Professor of Sociology, Fordham University, author of Our Bodies, Our Crimes: Policing of Women's Reproduction in America(2009). Reproductive Justice for Pregnant Women. Dr. Flavin will discuss her work with National Advocates for Pregnant Women.She leads the Feminist Activism Committee of Sociologists for Women in Society, and is the recipient of SWS's 2013 Feminist Activist Award.

    2/28 - Informal discussion with Dr. Flavin. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to meet Dr. Flavin in an informal setting. Refreshments provided.

    3/7 - Dr. Anna Korteweg, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto. The Headscarf Debate in France and the Netherlands: Conflicts of Belonging in National Narratives

    3/7 - Reception for Dr. Korteweg. Quasi-pot luck at Myra's home.

    3/14 - Stephanie Canales - Developing a New Feminist Identity Scale from a Third Wave Perspective

    3/21 - Belén Hernando - Gendering Citizenship in the Global City: Subjectivity, Agency, and Gender Equality in a Diverse Democratic High School"

    4/4 - Na Yang - Reproducing Gender in the State's "Fatherhood": the Discourse of Chinese Family Planning Policy in People's Daily from 1978 to 2008

    4/11 - Megan Shoji and Alyn Turner - Gender Inequality in Children’s Behavioral Problems: The Role of Parents, Peers, and Teachers

    4/18 - Dr. Jutta Almendinger, first woman president of the Social Science Research Center in Berlin, sociologist of education and stratification - Educational Expansion and Vocational Training in the EU: An Intractable Contradiction?

    4/18 - Dr. Frank Dobbin, Professor of Sociology at Harvard University. His research includes work on Complex Organizations, Stratification, Economic Sociology, Public Policy, and Comparative Historical Sociology. Does Diversity Management Promote Diversity? Lunch will be provided for those who RSVPed. This event is co-sponsored by the European Union Center of Excellence and FemSem (Sociology of Gender at UW-Madison).

    4/18 - Professor Dr. Susanne Baer, first out lesbian supreme court justice in Europe. Judging Inequalities: The Jurisprudence of the German Federal Constitutional Court, 5pm, Reception

    4/25 - Nancy Rydberg - Gendered aid to post-conflict northern Ugandan schools: the interaction of global and local discourses about girls' education

    5/2 - Gina Longo - Marriage Migrants, Citizenship, and Intersectionality

    Fall 2012

    9/13 - Discussion of Sylvia Walby's The Future of Feminism

    9/20 - M. Belén Hernando Llorens - Imagining Lives in the Global City: Identity, Agency, and Gender Justice of Young Women

    9/25 - Sylvia Walby, UNESCO Chair in Gender Research and Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University - Gender, Neoliberalism and the Crisis in the UK and EU, Cosponsored by the Politics, Culture, and Society Research Group

    9/25 - Sylvia Walby - The Future of Feminism

    9/25 - Reception for Sylvia Walby. Quasi-potluck reception for Sylvia Walby at Myra's home

    9/27 - Zakiya Luna, UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice, UC-Berkeley, Framing, Identity and Power: When Movements Make Unexpected Choices

    10/4 - Nancy Rydberg, Gender messaging in post conflict aid to schools in northern Uganda

    10/11 - Recent graduates: Anne Genereaux and Sarah Lloyd - Non-Academic Jobs Panel

    10/25 - Silke Roth, Faculty of Social and Human Services, University of Southampton - Gender at Work: Experiences of People Working in Aid

    11/1 - Vina A. Lanzona, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii-Manoa. Engendering Counterinsurgency: The Battle to Win 'Hearts and Minds' of Women during the Huk Rebellion in the Philippines. Sponsored by the Goldberg Center. Cosponsored by the Center for Research on Gender and Women, the Department of Gender and Women's Studies, and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

    11/8 - Seong Won Han - Cross-national variation in gender segregation of STEM occupational aspirations: The significance of features of secondary education systems.

    11/15 - So-Jung Lim - Relationships between Mother's Nonstandard Employment and Children's Health

    11/22 - Maria Azocar - Judicial Reforms and Gendered Palace Wars

    11/29 - Simone Ipsa-Landa, School Contexts and Social Control: Parents' Rules and the Construction of Gendered Age Norms among Urban Adolescents.

    12/6 - Michelle Robinson - An Intervention Approach to Strengthening Parent Child Relationships: Findings from a Randomized Trial of Families and Schools Together (co-authors are Adam Gamoran and David Kaplan)

    12/13 - Johanna Quinn - Teaching in a Sea of Crisis: Newspaper Constructions of Good Teachers and Bad Schools

    Spring 2012

    1/26 - Joan Scott (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) - Open session with graduate students

    2/9 - Ayesha Khurshid - Women's Education and Empowerment: Challenges to Development Paradigm

    2/16 - Proposal writing workshop. please see proposal examples here:

    2/23 - Vansa Shewakramani - The effect of department climate on faculty job satisfaction: A multilevel model using longitudinal data

    2/29 - Eve Shapiro, (Sociology, Westfield State University) - Racialized Technologies of the Self and Gender Transformation in a Performance Community

    3/1 - Shu-mei Shih, (Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Asian American Studies, UCLA) - Is Feminism Translatable? Taiwan, Spivak, A-Wu

    3/8 - Kellea Miller - The Cost of NGOization: Regional Differences in Access to Development Aid for Women's Movements

    3/15 - Hillevi Ganetz (Professor of Gender Studies, Stockholm University) - Familiar Beasts: Nature, Gender and Sexuality in Wildlife Films on Television

    3/22 - Lawshawnda Pittman Gay (postdoctoral fellow at Georgia State University and University of Michigan) Topic: How custodial grandmothers negotiate and manage state subsidized childcare (Institute for Research on Poverty seminar)

    3/29 - Johanna Quinn - Teachers at the intersections of Race, Gender, and Class

    4/12 - Katie Zaman - Conflict or Convergence: women's empowerment and neoliberalism in Bangladesh

    4/19 - Mieke Verloo (Professor in Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues, Radboud University Nijmegen) Intersectional and cross-movement politics and policies: reflections on current practices and debates in the EU

    4/26 - Lisa Brush (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh) - Poverty, Battered Women, and Work in U.S. Public Policy (book discussion)

    5/3 - Hannah Miller - Good Parenting" or "Parent Blaming"?: An Analysis of K-12 Parent Involvement Policies and School-Parent Compacts

    5/10 - Naama Nagar

    Fall 2011

    9/15 - Nicole Safar, Public Policy Director of Wisconsin Planned Parenthood - Current political and policy issues facing the reproductive healthcare providers in WI and the US

    9/22 - Lillian Su - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Women: A story of two Southern Chinese markets

    9/29 - Zakiya Luna (Mellon Sawyer Postdoc, UW-Madison) - Who Speaks for Whom? The politics of gender, race, and authenticity in social movements

    10/6 - Pilar Gonalons-Pons - The resurgence of paid domestic work in Europe

    10/13 - Zakia Salime (Sociology, Rutgers University) - Gramscian Publics, Habermasian Spaces: Islamist Women in the Transitional Sphere

    10/20 - Felicity Turner (Law and Society Fellow, UW-Madison) - Narratives of infanticide: Mothers, Murder, and the State in Nineteenth-Century America

    10/27 - Celeste Benson - Values Polarization, Abortion Access and Unmarried Childbearing in the US: A Social Movement Explanation for a Demographic Outcome?

    11/3 - Millie Thayer (Sociology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst) - Sustaining Movements in Neoliberal Times: Brazilian Feminists and the Social Movement Market

    11/10 - Annabel Ipsen - Harvesting Inequality: paradoxes of regulation and deregulation in Chilean agriculture

    11/17 - Natasha Borges Sugiyama (Political Science, UW-Milwaukee), Gendered Citizenship in Brazil: Poverty, Patriarchy, and the Extension of Legal Identity

    12/1 - Steve Saxonberg (Sociology and Social Policy, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic) - With a Wimper, Not a Bang: The Increasing Acceptance of Feminism in Central Europe (paper)

    12/1 - Reception for Steve Saxonberg - Quasi-potluck* reception for Steve Saxonberg at Myra's house

    12/8 - Kellea Miller - Myths & Methodologies: Examining Gender Equality in Global Grantmaking Discourse

    12/15 - So-Jung Lim - Back to The Future of Marriage: Marriage and Women's Health in Japan

     Spring 2011

    1/27 - Hae Yeon Choo - Migrant Workers, Migrant Women: Producing Gendered Cross-ethnic Subjects for Marriage and Factory Work in South Korea

    2/10 - Melissa Wilde - Creating Heaven on Earth: Birth Control, Eugenics and Belief in the Social Gospel 1920-1935 (paper co-authored with Sabrina Danielsen)

    2/17 - Katie Zaman - Bangaldesh: Gender Projects, Women's Work and Domestic Violence

    2/23 - Nancy Folbre (Economics, UMass-Amherst) (hosted by The Havens Center) - The Capitalist Trajectory

    2/23 - Reception for Nancy Folbre - Quasi-potluck* reception for Nancy Folbre at Myra's house

    2/24 - Nancy Folbre - The Socialist Imaginary

    3/3 - Pilar Goñalons-Pons - Gendered barriers to exiting unemployment. The gender gap in unemployment duration in Spain

    3/8 - Dana Cloud (Communication Studies, UT- Austin) (hosted by The Havens Center) - Queer Theory, Socialism, and the Demand for Equality

    3/9 - Dana Cloud - Stonewall Lives! But Where?

    3/10 - Dana Cloud - Open Seminar

    3/21 - Nicola Beisel (Northwestern University) - Discrimination or Genocide? Racial Politics and the 1972 Abortion Referendum- Cosponsored by the Race and Ethnicity brownbag

    3/21 - Reception for Nicola Beisel - Quasi-potluck* reception for Nicola Beisel at Myra's house

    3/24 - Mytoan Nguyen - Beyond the Expat Bubble: Second Generation Vietnamese Americans Negotiate Ethnic Belonging, Race, and Gender in Globalizing Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    3/28 - Kristin Bumiller (Amherst College) - Gender Responsive Policy in an Era of Mass Incarceration: Reconfiguring the Gendered Meaning of Criminality - Cosponsored by the Race and Ethnicity brownbag

    3/31 - Jill Bowdon - Does College Matter? Individual and Institutional Factors Related to the Gender Gap in Choice and Completion of Math, Engineering, and Physical Science Majors

    4/7 - Susan Gal (Anthropology, University of Chicago) - Politics of 'circulation' in Europe, old and new

    4/14 - Kathrin Zippel (Sociology, Northeastern University) - Being a foreigner, woman and/or mother: US and EU contexts for gendered concerns in international research collaboration

    4/21 - Tom DiPrete and Joscha Legewie - Pathways to a Science and Engineering Bachelor Degree for Men and Women: From MiddleSchool to College (paper by Joscha Legewie and Tom DiPrete)

    4/28 - Hae Yeon Choo, Steven Alvarado and Adam Slez - Approaching the Job Market: Sharing Firsthand Experiences

    Fall 2010

    9/3/10 - Ruth Rubio Marin (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) - Reparations for Mass Human Rights Violations: a Gendered Approach

    9/9/10 - Myra Marx Ferree - Proposal writing

    9/16/10 - Nikki Graf - Mothers' Employment in Male-Dominated Occupations and Adult Children's Occupational Attainment

    9/23/10 - Kimberle Crenshaw (Professor of Law, UCLA) - Intersection of Race and Gender

    9/30/10 - Diane Wolf (UC-Davis, Sociology) - Beyond Anne Frank: Hidden Children and Families in Postwar Holland

    9/30/10 - Diane Wolf (UC-Davis, Sociology) - Quasi-potluck* reception for Diane Wolf at Myra's house

    10/1/10 - Diane Wolf (UC-Davis, Sociology) - Cultural Memories and Public Mourning: The Holocaust and the Vietnam War Compared

    10/07/10 - Hae Yeon Choo - Gender and the Regime of Containment: Migrant Workers and Question of Citizenship in South Korea (practice job talk)

    10/13/10 - Kathleen Gerson (NYU, Sociology) - The Unfinished Revolution: Negotiating Gender, Work, and Family Change in 21st Century America

    10/13/10 - Kathleen Gerson (NYU, Sociology) - Quasi-potluck* reception for Kathleen Gerson at Myra's house

    10/14/10 - Kathleen Gerson (NYU, Sociology) - Discussion with Kathleen Gerson

    10/21/10 - Becky Schewe - Labor, Gender, and Regulation on New Zealand Dairy Farms

    10/28/10 - Sabra Katz-Wise - Victimization Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals: A Meta-Analysis

    11/4/10 - Lilian Hsu - A Gendered Regime: the State, Market Women, and Intellectual Property Rights in the People's Republic of China

    11/11/10 - Celeste Benson - Exploring Gender and Family Welfare Regimes across US States

    11/16/10 - Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney, Australia) - Raewyn Connell talk/discussion in Politics, Culture and Society brownbag

    11/16/10 - Arlie Hochschild (UC-Berkeley, Sociology) - The Commodity Frontier: Intimate Life in Market Times

    11/17/10 - Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney, Australia) - Roses from the South: Rethinking Gender Analysis in World Perspective

    11/17/10 - Arlie Hochschild (UC-Berkeley, Sociology) - Global Traffic in Female Service: Nannies, Surrogates, and Emotional Labor

    11/17/10 - Raewyn Connell and Arlie Hochschild - Quasi-potluck* reception for Raewyn Connell and Arlie Hochschild at Myra's house

    11/18/10 - Arlie Hochschild (open seminar) - Open seminar for students, faculty, and the public

    12/2/10 - Shane Sharp - Interviewing (Gender perspective)

    12/9/10 - Susan Rottman - Writing Gender into German-Turkish Return Migration

    Spring 2010







    Organization Meeting



    Asifa Quraishi (UW, Law School)

    What is Shari'a and Why Does it Matter for Feminism?



    Ellen Samuel (UW, Gender & Women's Studies and English)

    Faking It: Bodily Performance and the Disability Con



    Liliana Cisnero (UW Development Studies)

    Observing the Rashomon Effect in Gender Discourses: Doing Fieldwork at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women




    Discussion: Writing and Publishing



    Nicole M. Butkovich Kraus (UW Sociology)

    Thesis-to-article Workshop "Xenophobia in the Russian Federation: A Multilevel Analysis"



    Hae Yeon Choo (UW, Sociology)

    In Transit: Filipina Club Workers in American Military Camptowns in South Korea



    Quasi-potluck with Teri Caraway

    Chili and drinks provided; salads, sides and desserts welcome. Rideshare wiki.

    6:30pm, Myra Ferree's home


    Teri Caraway (Political Science, University of Minnesota)

    "Theorizing Gender and Global Production: Revisiting 'Assembling Women'"

    105 Ingraham Hall


    Yakin Erturk (Former UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women)

    Soffa Lecture

    4pm, At&t Lounge, The Pyle Center


    New Perspectives on Gender and Human Security Workshop


    Linda Sendens

    EU Policy, Democracy and Social Inclusion

    12-1:15pm, Lubar Commons, 7200 Law School


    Abby Drwecki

    Body Projects and Women’s Empowerment in Poland: The Intersections of Post-Socialism and Individuation



    Marcus Hunter (Sociology, Northwestern)

    All the Gays are White and All the Blacks are Straight: Black Gay Men, Identity and Community



    Lillian Hsiao-Ling Su

    Flexible Governance: State, Market Women, and Intellectual Property Rights in the People's Republic of China



    Cameron Macdonald (UW, Sociology)

    "Doing the 'Wet Work': Gender Identity and Cancer Caregiving Strategies



    Helen Kinsella (UW, Political Science)

    Erotic Triangles in the Laws of War



    Fall 2009






    Christina Ewig & Myra Marx Ferree

    Organizational meeting



    Jenna Nobles

    "Migration and Mexican Couples: Heterogeneity in Returns and Preferences"



    Christina Ewig & Myra Marx Ferree

    Grant Writing Workshop

    [see workshop resources]



    Diane Elson

    Sociology, University of Essex

    "Gender Dimensions of the Global Financial Crisis"

    [The reception for Diane Elson is 7pm, Tuesday 9/22- click here for the rideshare wiki.]



    Susana Lastarria

    Some Evidence on the Impact of Micro-Credit on Children's Education in Malawi and India



    Wendy M. Christensen

    When Politics is Private: Self-Silencing Military Mothers (Practice Job Talk)



    Kristy Kelly

    Whatever happend to 'comrade'?" Learning to Mainstreaming Gender as Vietnam's Development Policy (Practice Job Talk)



    Miriam Glucksman

    Sociology, University of Essex

    "Women on the Line" revisited. Changes and Continuities in Women's Work"



    Lynn Prince Cooke

    Social Policy & Sociology, University of Kent

    "Equality for Some: Gender, Class and Social Policy in Comparative Perspective"



    Angela Barian

    Practice Job Talk



    Shahirah Mahmood & Taylor Price (shared presentation)

    "Traditional Leaders, Modern Problems: Examining the Role of Chiefs in Namibia's Gender-Based Violence Campaign" (Price) and "When is international aid effective in promoting gender equality? Case studies of improving women’s local representation and welfare within community driven development projects in Indonesia" (Mahmood)


    11/16/09, 12pm

    Sally Kenney, Professor, Department of Law and Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs University of Minnesota Director, Center on Women and Public Policy

    Public Lecture:

    "Making the Case for Women Judges"


    11/16/09, 3pm


    "Teaching and Writing Case Studies on Women and Social Change: the Case of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition"



    Liz Holzer and Shane Sharp

    Interviewing Techniques


    12/3/09, 1pm

    Ingrid Robeyns, Practical Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    "Social Justice and the Family"

    [More information]

    5181 Helen C. White


    Angie Stuart




    Spring 2009







    Organizational meeting



    Pilar Goñalons

    Transnational Perspective: Contributions and Challenges from a Gender Approach: Migrant-Connected Business Women in the Country of Origin



    Laura Dresser, COWS

    Cleaning and Caring in the Home: Shared Problems? Shared





    Methods discussion: Ethics, Validity, Writing



    Jennifer Sheridan, WISELI

    Understanding the Experiences of Underrepresented Students in Engineering: The PACE Study



    Chandra Hinton

    Outsider/Within: A Multiracial Feminist Analysis of a Radical Feminist Space



    Katie Zaman

    Bangladeshi Women Workers and Domestic Violence



    Jason Orne

    Staying-in Stories: Managing Selective Outness in Young Gay Men




    Special Wednesday Evening Meeting: How to Turn a Thesis into an Article for Publication



    Beth Hoffman, Dept. of Sociology, Purdue University

    Lactation Support in the Workplace



    Danielle Currier, Dept. of Sociology, College of William and Mary

    Intentional Ambiguity: How Definitions of "Hooking Up" Maintain Boundaries of Hegemonic Masculinity and Emphasized Femininity



    Matt Desmond

    Eviction and the Feminization of Poverty



    Laurel Kent

    Contested Legal Framing of Women Who Kill their Abusers



    Kellea Miller

    Making the Case: External Representation vs. Internal Practices in Feminist Funding and Fund-seeking



    Kristy Kelly

    What Do Pigs Have to Do with Gender? Institutionalizing Gender Inside, Outside and Alongside the State



    Julia McReynolds

    Gender and the Medical Profession in Argentina



    Fall 2008






    Christina Ewig

    Insuring gender equity? Public and Private Health Insurance in Peru




    Discussion of feminist methodology (see below for readings)



    Angela Barian

    Chewing the Fat: Understanding the Discourses of Childhood Obesity



    Wendy Christensen

    Defining Military Motherhood



    Maria Isabel Espinoza

    Women's artisanal mining in the South of Peru: the "Cuatro Horas Pallaqueras Community"



    Naama Nargar

    The double feminization of women's citizenship: NGOization and the gendering of civil society



    Jessica Autumn Brown

    Citizenship of the Heart and Mind: Educating Germany's Immigrants on the Emotional and Ideological Components of Belongingness



    Keera Allendorf

    The Quality of Family Relationships, Women's

    Agency, and Maternal and Child Health in India


    11/13/08 - Jaewoon Bang - Coffee, Sex and the City – Spatial Gendering of Starbucks in South Korea

    11/20/08 - Julie Keller - Queer in the Countryside: LGBT Farmers and Rural Life

    12/4/08 - Chaitanya Lakkimsetti - Prostitution, Sexuality, and Biopower in Postcolonial India

    Spring 2008

    2/4/08 - Sarah Robert - Public work / Private lives: The absent presence of teachers' work in Argentina's reform context

    2/11/08 - Anna Rogers - Feminist consciousness-raising groups in West Yorkshire, UK, in the '70s and '80s

    2/18/08 - Jessica Brown - Citizenship of the Heart and Mind: Educating Germany’s immigrants in the emotional and ideological components of belongingness

    3/3/08 - Kristy Kelly - Learning to Mainstream Gender in Vietnam: Where 'Equity' Meets 'Locality' in UN Development Policy

    3/10/08 - Hae Yeon Choo - Citizenship at the margins: Filipina migrant women and the negotiation of national boundaries in Korea

    3/31-4/4/08 - Carme Diana Deere (Friday talk)

    4/7/08 - Angela Barian - Chewing the Fat - Discourses of Childhood Obesity in the U.S. Public Schools

    4/14/08 - Myra Marx Ferree, Cosponsored by TARGET

    4/21/08 - Sylvia Walby

    4/28/08 - Kristen Springer - Gender and Health Outcomes

    5/5/08 - Laurel Kent - Domestic Violence, Self-defense and the Women's Movement


    Fall 2007


    9/17/07 - Sarah Robert - Public work / Private lives: The absent presence of teachers' work in Argentina's reform context

    9/24/07 - Sarah Bruch - Policy Feedback, Political Participation, and the Disadvantaged

    10/1/07 - Angela Barian - The Social Construction of the Obesity Epidemic

    10/8/07 - Grainne de Burca - Making Anti-discrimination law in Europe - Law & Society

    10/15/07 - Gioconda Herrerra - Migration/Global Care Chains: Ecuadoran Women Migrants in Spain

    10/22/07 - Wendy Christensen - Militarized Motherhood

    10/29/07 - Devah Pager - Gender, race and low wage labor markets - Cosponsored by Race & Ethnicity

    11/5/07 - Patricia Melgar Alcantud - Preventive Socialization of Violence Against Women

    11/12/07 - Jennifer Holland - Immigration and Family Change in Europe

    11/19/07 - Alyn Turner - Gender, Height, Weight, and Wages

    11/26/07 - Movie: Gender and Hip Hop Video Joint with Race/Ethnicity

    12/3/07 - Anne Generoux - Migration and Fertility

    12/10/07 - Niki Graf

    Spring 2007:

    1/29/07 - Deborah Carr - "No, a grand-dog doesn't count...: Generational differences in women's work-family choices and implications for mother-daughter relationships"

    2/5/07 - Karen Hagemann - A German "Sonderweg": Women, Work and the "Time Politics" of School Education in West Germany - Cosponsored by WAGE

    2/12/07 - Anne Genereux - African Immigrants in France: Transnational Families, Isolated Lives

    2/19/07 - Claudia Koonz - Cosponsored by the Center for German and European Studies

    2/26/07 - Hae Yeon Choo - Dismantling Binaries: Framing Teenage Homosexuality in South Korean Newspapers 1990-2005

    3/5/07 - Jane Jenson,  Mary Daly, Tammy Hervey - Social Europe and the Future of the Welfare State

    3/12/07 - Angela Barian and Shamus Kahn - Toward a General Theory of Embodiment

    3/19/07 - Diane Soles - Exploring the Public-Private Debates through the Lens of Chilean

    3/26/07 - Elizabeth Wrigley-Field - Spouses, Jobs, and Class Perceptions

    4/9/07 - Julie Keller - WI Women's Farmer's Project

    4/16/07 - Kim Dacosta

    4/23/07 - Emanuela Lombardo - Gender Mainstreaming

    4/30/07 - Giovanna Merli - Sex Behavior and AIDS

    5/7/07 - Diana Hojlund Madsen - The African State and the Women's Movement

    Fall 2006:


    9/18/06 - Noelle Chesley - Does Technology Use Reinforce Gendered Boundaries Between Work and Home?

    9/25/06 - Shamus Kahn - Production of Privilege

    10/2/06 - Jane Collins - 'Only Work Should Pay'--Contradictions of Citizenship for Women Leaving Welfare

    10/9/06 - Michelle Hasday - Male Pornography Use and Orientations Towards Sexual Relationships with Women

    10/16/06 - Vicki Mayer - Welfare Reform: A Moment of State Reformation

    10/17/06 - 6:30pm, Job Market Workshop (John Martin, Christine Schwartz, and Shaumus Kahn), Myra's house

    10/23/06 - Cynthia Feliciano - Gendered Hierarchies: Racial Exclusion and Inclusion in Dating Choices

    10/30/06 - Landy Sanchez - Residential Segregation and Labor Markets in Mexico City: Is there a Gender Difference?

    11/9/06 - Cynthia Enloe - "Where are the Women in the U.S. War in Iraq? Why does it Matter?" Cosponsored by the Women's Studies Research Center Transnational Feminisms Research Circle and Center for German and European Studies

    11/13/06 - Leslie McCall - What Does Class Inequality Among Women Look Like? A Comparison with Men and Families in the Unites States, 1970-2000

    11/20/06 - Anne Genereux - The impact of migration on fertility of sub-Saharan immigrants in France

    11/27/06 - Chaitanya Lakkimsetti - "Impossible Subjects": Gender, Sexuality and Identity in Post-Colonial India

    11/28/06 - 6:30pm - Article Workshop, Pam's house

    12/4/06 - Angela Barian

    12/11/06 - Keera Allendorf - Household decision making, family relationships, and health in India


    Spring 2006:


    1/30/06 - Nikki Graf - Mothers and the Stratification Process: Intergenerational Effects on the Labor Force Participation and Status Attainment of Male and Female Offspring

    2/6/06 - Jessica Brown - Einwanderungsland: Gender & Citizenship in Multicultural Germany

    2/13/06 - Hae Yeon Choo, Making a South Korean: Gender, Migration & Citizenship in Contemporary South Korea

    2/20/06 - Professor Julia McQuillan, University of Nebraska - "No longer Intending: The relationship between Relinquished Fertility Intentions and Distress."

    2/27/06 - Professor Asifa Quraishi, School of Law, University of Wisconsin, Madison - Western Advocacy for Muslim Women: It's Not Just the Thought that Counts - Trans-natiotional Feminism Study Circle/ CES/ WSRC

    3/6/06 - Professor Danielle Currier, Radford University - Heteronormativity and Gendered Self Presentation among College Athletes

    3/20/06 - Mary Hannah Weir - Organizing Across Identities

    3/20/06 7pm - MA to Thesis Workshop- Hae Yeon Choo and Kristy Kelly

    3/27/06 - Shamus Kahn - Gendered Pathways to Belonging

    4/3/06 - Dr Maria Stratigaki, Department of Social Policy and Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Greece - European Approaches to Gender Equality: EU Policy & Practice. Cosponsored by CGES

    4/10/06 - Professor Yen Le Espiritu - An Asian American Critical Transnational Perspective to Feminism - Cosponsored by the Race & Ethnicity Brownbag - Sociology

    4/17/06 - Brigitte Beauzamy - Suburbs in France: a difficult place for anti-globalization and feminist mobilizations - Trans-national Feminism Study Circle/ CES/ WSRC

    4/24/06 - Professor Helen Kinsella, Political Science - Erotic Triangles: Protection of Civilians in War - Trans-natiotional Feminism Study Circle/ CES/ WSRC

    5/1/06 - Wendy Christensen - 'Our Family, Your Freedom:' Militarized Motherhood in Online Support Forums

    5/1/06 6:30pm - Potluck Gathering


    Fall 2005:


    9/19/05 - Lisa Wade - "Practice Job Talk: Discursive Contests between Doctors and Feminists within Medicine, Activism, and in the Mass Media."

    9/26/05 - Keera Allendorf - "He Said, She Said, They Said: Household Decisionmaking and Health Care in Nepal".

    10/03/05 - Kristin Springer - "His" and "Her" Marriage Today: The Impact of Spousal Employment and Caregiving on Later Mid-Life Health

    10/10/05 - Hae Yeon Choo & Leanne Tigges - "Rural Myth Revisited: Gender and Nonstandard work in Non-metropolitan Wisconsin

    10/20/05 - Mara Loveman, Michel Guillot, Chad Goldberg, and Cameron MacDonald - "Strategies for the Job Market: the Talk, the Interviews, the Meals…and Everything." [NOTE: Pot Luck Dinner]

    10/24/05 - Nikki Jones - Working "the Code": On Gender and Violence in the Inner City, Cosponsored by the Race and Ethnicicity Brownbag

    10/31/05 - Katrina Zippel, Professor of Sociology, Northeastern University, The Politics of Sexual Harrassment: A Comparative Study of The US, the EU, and Germany [link], Cosponsored by CGES, Center for European Studies, WSRC, International Studies

    11/7/05 - Mary Tuominen, Professor of Sociology, Denison University - "The Right and Responsibility to Care: How Women of Color Frame and Claim the Value of Their Work" - Cosponsored by the Department of Family Studies

    11/14/05 - Ann R. Saetnan, Honorary Fellow, Women's Studies Research Center - "All Fetuses Created Equal? Racialization of the fetal normogram" Cosponsored by WSRC, Science and Technology Brownbag

    11/21/05 - Nancy Naples, Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, University of Connecticut, Sexual Citizenship in International Context: Toward a Comparative Analysis of Social Regulation, Cosopnsored by International Studies, Center for Research on Women, CES

    11/21/05 - Mary Bernstein, Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut - Reception for Mary Bernstein and LGBT students and allies - contact Mary Hanna-Weir for Details - Cosponsored by the Institute for Legal Studies, the Faculty Committee on LGBT Issues

    11/22/05 - Mary Bernstein, Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut - "Using the Law: The Lesbian and Gay Movement and the Decriminalization of Sodomy" - Cosponsored by the Institute for Legal Studies, the Faculty Committee on LGBT Issues

    11/28/05 -Alfonso Morales - "Women's cancer screening practices and language preference: border and non-border comparisons"

    12/5/05 - Amy Schalet, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Reproductive Health Research & Policy at the University of California, San Francisco - Raging Hormones, Regulated Love: Adolescent Sexuality and the Constitution of the Modern Individual in the United States and the Netherlands." Cosponsored by the Center for German and European Studies



    Spring 2005:


    1/21/2005 - Dorothy Smith - "A Conversation With Dorothy Smith" - Theory@Madison


    2/7/2005 - ILS Panelists, Marriage Amendment Symposium

    2/14/2005 - Cameron MacDonald - "'They're Too Poor and They All Smoke:' Ethnic Logics and Childcare Hiring Decisions"

    2/21/2005 - David Merrill - Gender and Depression

    2/28/2005 - Jessica Brown, Emily Kremer and Wendy Christensen - Working in the Gendered Academy

    3/7/2005 - Professor Dorothy Roberts, Northwestern University Law School - "Privatization and Punishment - Regulating Who Reproduces" - IRP, ILS, Race and Ethnicity, Women's Studies

    3/14/2005 - Anne Genereux - Fertility of West African Immigrants in France

    3/28/2005 - Thesis to Article Workshop and Pot Luck

    4/4/2005 - Professor Collette Fagan - Part-Time Workers - Cosponsored by Economic Sociology

    4/6/2005 - Professor Pippa Norris, Kennedy School, Harvard University - "Rising Tide: Gender Equality and Cultural Change Worldwide." Cosponsored by CES, CGES

    4/11/2005 - Professor Valerie Sperling, Clark University - "Women's Organizations in Russia: Institutional Interest Groups or Vulnerable Dissidents," Cosponsored by CREECA, WMNS

    4/18/2005 - Janet Gornick & Marcia Meyers, Real Utopias Project, Cosponsored by the Havens Center

    4/25/2005 - Jessica Brown - "Allah's Oppressed Daughters:" News Media Coverage of Muslim Migrant Women in Germany


    Fall 2004:

    9/20/2004 - Janeen Baxter - Visiting Scholar, University of Queensland - Transitons through the Lifecourse and Time Spent on Housework: A View from Australia.

    9/27/2004 - Aida Hurtado - University of California, Santa Cruz - Voicing Chicana Feminisms: Young Women Speak Out on Sexuality and Identity

    10/4/2004 - Keera Allendorf - Do women's land rights promote empowerment and child health in Nepal?

    10/11/2004 - Tetyana Pudrovska - Networks of Transnational Feminist NGOs on the Web: North/South Linkages and Identities

    10/18/2004 - Cheryl Gilkes - Colby College, Havens Center Speaker - My Mother's Song Is Mine: Sacred Musics as Discourses of Psychic Survival

    10/25/2004 - Lisa Wade - Health and Human Rights in American Discourse about Female Genital Mutilation

    11/1/2004 - Kristy Elizabeth Kelly - Gender in Transition: Lives of Vietmanese Students in the US

    11/8/2004 - France Winddance Twine - UC Santa Barbara and Duke University - A White Side of Black Britain: Racial Logics and Gendered Labor in Multiracial Families

    11/15/2004 - Leanne Tigges, Professor, Rural Sociology - "Placing" gender in labor market analysis

    11/22/2004 - Sarah Warren - Una Necesidad: Mapuche Women and the Creation of New Spaces in the Context of Struggle

    11/29/2004 - Wendy Christensen - "Yee-Ha" is not a Foreign Policy: Masculinity in the Iraq War Debate

    12/6/2004 - Victoria Mayer - Public and private visions of Wisconsin's social welfare program.

Events older than 2010 are listed here.