A Note to ESL Students

International students are welcome in this class, as you contribute to the diversity of class discussions. However, we have consulted extensively with English as a Second Language faculty, who advise us that this is NOT a good course for international students with weak skills in reading and writing in English. You may be tempted to take it because it meets both the ethnic studies and com-b requirements, but the ESL faculty recommend that you meet the two requirements in separate courses. The class requires that you read four books plus do extensive library research. Because it is a com-b course, you must be graded on your writing by the same standards as native speakers of English. The papers involve analysis of issues in US politics, which are harder for an international student to understand. If you do not easily read and write in English, you should expect that you will need to spend a great deal of extra time on this class or that you will receive a lower grade than you might otherwise hope for. Please ask ESL faculty for advice if you are unsure about how to evaluate your English skills.

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