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Study of Undergraduate Research Experiences
Professor Eric Grodsky is one of three UW-Madison faculty members who contributed to a study by the National Academies of Sciences that examines evidence on undergraduate research experieces. Having students engage in research experience has been current practice to increase students' interest and persistence in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Grodsky provided his expertise in statistical methods and causal inference to the project. Read more...
Welcome to Sociology at Wisconsin.
We are proud to be consistently ranked as a top Sociology department in the country, excelling in a wide variety of intellectual pursuits. Our department is a well-knit community of faculty, staff, and students.

Under our umbrella, we pursue research that is leading many sociological subfields in new and different directions. We emphasize teaching and public service as well as research. Indeed, we draw no hard boundaries between our research, teaching, and service missions. We value and promote methodological, social, and cultural diversity.

Our graduate program, which is combined with the department of Community and Environmental Sociology, trains students to do rigorous research and to be the next generation of exceptional social scientists, whether in academia, government, the non-profit sector, or private industry.

Our undergraduate program teaches students to think analytically about our society, its structure, and its organization. According to a recent survey, our undergraduates overwhelming attribute professional and occupational success to their experiences as sociology students. By virtue of their sociological training and learning, students find they have a broad array of post-graduate opportunities.