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Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706

jmontgom@ssc.wisc.edu | curriculum vitae

Course materials

Economics 111 - Principles of Economics - Accelerated Treatment

Economics 451 - Economic Approach to Human Behavior

Sociology 375 - Introduction to Mathematical Sociology

Sociology 376 - Mathematical Models of Social Systems

Sociology 655 - Microfoundations of Economic Sociology

Recent working papers

Multiple Equilibria in an Age-Structured Two-Sex Population Model (June 2013)

Unpublished papers

Social Networks and Persistent Inequality in the Labor Market (Feb 1992)

Individual Adaptations to Cultural Contradictions: Using Non-Monotonic Logic to Reconstruct Merton's Theory of Anomie (June 2004)