Statistical Consulting

Statistical consulting is available by email, appointment, or walk-in (no appointment needed) during specific hours.

Send email to and include both your code and the error message or results it generates.

Appointments are generally by video chat, but some in-person appointments are available as well.

If your question is about… Make your appointment with…


R Jason or Russell
Stata Russell or Jason
Python Russell
SAS Russell
SPSS Russell
Mplus Jason


Data Visualization in R Jason
Data Visualization in Stata Russell
Mixed/Multilevel Models Jason
Structural Equation Modeling Jason
Blimp Jason
Multiple Imputation Russell
Survival Analysis Russell

If you run into problems making an appointment using Doodle, email the Help Desk to let them know and send them some times you could meet.

The SSCC’s statistical consultants offer advice and support to researchers doing data preparation and statistical analysis. Their primary focus is computing and statistical software issues, but they can also help with statistical methodology questions in areas where they have sufficient expertise. They are also happy to assist instructors teaching classes that involve statistical analysis and students who need to do statistical analysis for class work or projects in the Letters & Sciences Social Science Division. Software they support includes Stata, R, Python, SAS, SPSS, and MPlus. SSCC statistical consulting cannot replace coursework or serious study of the statistical techniques you wish to use, or guidance from a faculty advisor or other expert in your field.

The SSCC’s consulting services are available for free to members of the Social Science Computing Cooperative. Other members of the campus community can receive statistical consulting on a paid basis.

SSCC’s statistical consultants offer regular training on statistical software and related topics, which is available to anyone affiliated with the University. They have also created an extensive Statistics and Data Science Knowledge Base, which includes general introductions to statistical software and data management as well as many specialized topics. The Knowledge Base is available to anyone.

If you are teaching a class that requires statistical software in the Social Science division of the College of Letters and Science, the SSCC’s statistical consultants can give your students a brief introduction to any of the packages they support. They are also available for the occasional guest lecture. Email the Help Desk to make arrangements.

Students can get help with using statistical software for projects or class work by contacting the consultants as described above.