Articles on Statistical Computing

This page lists articles related to various programs for doing statistical analysis, as well as general information on working with statistical data.

Stata Basics

Stata for Researchers

  1. Introduction
  2. Usage and Syntax
  3. Do Files
  4. Working With Data
  5. Statistics
  6. Working with Groups
  7. Hierarchical Data
  8. Combining Data Sets
  9. Graphics
  10. Project Management
  11. Learning More

Stata for Students

  1. Introduction
  2. Where You Can Use Stata
  3. Managing Stata Files
  4. Doing Your Work Using Do Files
  5. Stata's User Interface
  6. Stata Data Sets
  7. How Stata Commands Work
  8. Comments and Other Tools for Making Do Files Readable
  9. Creating Variables
  10. Using Graphs
  11. Reading Data from a Spreadsheet or CSV File
  12. Downloading Data from Qualtrics and Importing it into Stata
  13. Descriptive Statistics
  14. Graphs
  15. Means and Confidence Intervals
  16. t-tests
  17. Scatterplots
  18. Correlations

Stata Journal at the UW-Madison Library System (2012 vol. 4-present)
Stata Journal Archive
Search Stata's Online Help (For full Stata documentation, start Stata and click Help, PDF Documentation.)

Stata Topics

Stata Programming

  1. Stata Programming Essentials
  2. Stata Programming Tools

Multiple Imputation in Stata

  1. Introduction
  2. Deciding to Impute
  3. Creating Imputation Models
  4. Imputing
  5. Managing Multiply Imputed Data
  6. Estimating
  7. Examples
  8. Recommended Readings

An Introduction to Stata Graphics
Bar Graphs in Stata
Running Stata/MP at the SSCC
An Introduction to Mata
Finding and Installing User-Written Stata Programs
Stata Tools for Reading Data from Web Pages
Propensity Score Matching in Stata using teffects
Regression Diagnostics
Stata Programming Techniques for Panel Data
Working with Dates in Stata
Exploring Regression Results using Margins
Creating Publication-Quality Tables in Stata
Using Stata Graphs in Documents
Including Calculated Results In Stata Graphs
Using Reshape to Manage Hierarchical Data
Bootstrapping in Stata
Speeding up Multiple Imputation in Stata using Parallel Processing
Making Predictions with Counter-Factual Data in Stata

R Basics

R for Researchers

  1. Introduction
  2. R Projects
  3. R Markdown
  4. R Scripts
  5. Data preparation
  6. Data exploration
  7. Data presentation
  8. Regression (OLS)
  9. Diagnostics
  10. Regression (GLM)
  11. Regression inference

R - A Brief Introduction
Installing R on Your Personal Computer

R Topics

Mixed Models

  1. Introduction
  2. Models
  3. Testing Significance of Effects
  4. Diagnostics and Inference
  5. Multiple Random Parameters

R - A Brief Introduction to Regression
Regression Diagnostics
Using R Packages on SSCC Computers

SAS Basics

An Introduction to SAS Data Steps
Managing Output in SAS 9.3 and Above
Running SAS on Linux
Running Large SAS Jobs on Linstat
Launching SAS Files from Windows Explorer
SAS Version 9 Online Documentation
SAS Workbook for Writing SAS Programs to Process Data on UNIX
Redirecting and Customizing Tabular Output in SAS

SAS Topics

Converting SAS Formats from 32-Bit to 64-Bit
SAS and Excel Files on Winstat
A Simple Procedure for Producing Publication-Quality Graphs using SAS
Storing SAS Formats
Using SAS to Perform a Table Lookup
Constructing Indicator Variables with SAS
Converting a Code Book to a SAS FORMAT Library
Using SAS to Reformat Data Records from One to Several
Saving SAS Graphs For Printing or Other Uses
Using Compressed Data in SAS

Older SAS Topics

SAS Programming Efficiencies
Creating SAS Transport Files


SPSS Statistics for the Classroom

  1. The Basics
  2. Statistics and Graphs

SPSS Syntax
Using Extension Bundles in SSCC
Running SPSS Jobs on Linux
SPSS 19 Online Documentation
Using SPSS to Reformat Data Records from One to Several


Running Mplus Jobs on Linstat


Installing Python Packages on Winstat
Running Python on Linstat


Using NVivo on Winstat

Research Tools

Computing Resources at the SSCC
Using Stat/Transfer

Git - Brief Introduction
Using Linstat
Managing Jobs on Linstat
Using Excel for Data Entry