Using SSCC Network Disk Space from a Mac

This article will show you how to use the SSCC's network disk space from your Mac.

  1. If you are not plugged into the wired network in the Sewell Social Science Building, you first need to establish a VPN connection to the SSCC network.
  2. Open the Finder, then click Go, Connect to Server or ⌘ command+K
  3. In the Server Address box, type the URL of the disk space you'd like to connect to from the table below.
    Adding a server
  4. Click the plus sign (+) to save the server in your Favorite Servers.
  5. When prompted, enter your SSCC username and password. If your password contains any special characters (&, @, etc.) type a backslash (\) before that character. Check Remember this password in my keychain and you won't be asked to give it again in the future.
    Giving your username and password
  6. If you'd like this location to appear in your dock, hold down the alt/option key and drag it to the dock.

SSCC Disk Space Locations

Location URL Notes
Windows Home smb:// U: drive
Windows Home for Lab Users smb:// U: drive
Linux Home smb:// Z: drive
Windows Projects smb:// X: drive
Linux Projects smb:// V: drive
Windows Temp Space smb:// Y: drive. Files deleted after 30 days
Linux Temp Space smb:// Files deleted after 30 days
Web sites of SSCC member agencies smb://  

If you only use one project directory, you can connect to it directly by putting its name after project (e.g. smb:// or smb:// If you use more than one, do not specify a directory and you'll be able to see all of them. If you use temporary space you should be putting your files in a folder with your username, and you can connect to it directly by adding your username after temp30days.

If you use OS X 10.6 or earlier: you must add 'primo' before your username (e.g. primo\jdoe) and use the following server names instead for Windows home and Windows project directories:

  • smb://$/username for your Windows Home Directory
  • smb://$ for Windows Project Directories.

Last Revised: 10/14/2015