Winstat Session Limits

The practice of keeping Winstat sessions open for long periods raises several issues:

  • Every open session uses some of the server's resources, including memory and licenses for any software running in the session, even when the session is disconnected
  • Open sessions prevent SSCC staff from carrying out necessary server updates and maintenance
  • Sessions that are open long enough develop problems that eventually make them unusable

Signing out of Winstat and signing back in is the equivalent of rebooting a regular PC, and doing so periodically is a good idea. You will also be redirected to what is currently the least busy Winstat server when you sign back in. Note that closing the Citrix Receiver on your computer disconnects from your Winstat session but does not sign out of it. Also, signing out of the Citrix StoreFront is not the same as signing out of Winstat. You can sign out of Winstat by right-clicking on its Windows logo button and then (left) clicking on Shut down or sign out, Sign out.

For most users, idle Winstat sessions (meaning no user input, even if jobs are running) are disconnected after two hours, all sessions are disconnected after twenty-four hours, and disconnected sessions are shut down (along with any jobs they are running) after three hours.

Users who need to run long jobs on Winstat can be exempted from these limits (contact the Help Desk to request an exemption). For users with long jobs access there is a maximum session length of three weeks, meaning that Winstat sessions will be shut down after three weeks, but no other limits apply. We suggest logging out of Winstat and then logging in before starting a new job, both to reset the three week timer and to ensure you're on the least busy Winstat.

However, this is intended only for running long jobs. Users who have been exempted from the normal session limits should still sign out in a similar time-frame if they are not running a long job. In order to perform server maintenance, SSCC staff may terminate Winstat sessions that are not running a long job but have been open beyond the normal limits.