Leafia Zi Ye

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and an affiliate of the Center for Demography and Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I am also a Graduate Research Fellow at the Center for Financial Security.

My research is on the physical and economic well-being of foreign-born populations in the United States. Specifically, I study 1) how immigrants’ country of origin and current place of residence may jointly shape their health and earnings; 2) how their health and earnings trajectories may be connected; and 3) how their access to resources changes over the life course. Methodologically, I am interested in understanding how accounting for temporary and permanent outmigration can change current understandings of immigrants’ trajectories. My work has been published or is forthcoming in Population and Development Review and Advances in Medical Sociology.

My name is pronounced [LEE-fee-ah Zee Yeh].