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Xiaoxia Shi (史晓霞)

Associate Professor

Working Papers

2017 "Inference on Estimators defined by Mathematical Programming," (with Yu-Wei Hsieh and Matthew Shum)

2017 "Estimating Demand for Differentiated Products with Zeroes in Market Share Data," (with Amit Gandhi and Zhentong Lu)

(early version)

2016 "Testing Generalized Regression Monotonicity," (with Yu-Chin Hsu and Chu-An Liu) R&R at Econometric Theory

2015 "A Uniform Model Selection Test for Semi/Nonparametric Models," (with Zhipeng Liao)

(Supplemental Appendix)

2015 "An improved bootstrap test of density ratio ordering," (with Brendan K. Beare) R&R at Econometrics and Statistics

(Matlab Code)

Publications and Forthcoming

Forthcoming " On the Empirical Content of the Beckerian Marriage Model ," (with Jianfei Cao and Matthew Shum), Economic Theory

Forthcoming "Estimating Semi-parametric Panel Multinomial Choice Models using Cyclic Monotonicity ," (with Matthew Shum and Wei Song), Econometrica

(Supplemental Appendix)

Forthcoming "Model Selection Test for Conditional Moment Inequality Models ," (with Yu-Chin Hsu), Econometrics Journal

Forthcoming "Can Words Get in the Way? The Effect of Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making," (with Matias Iaryczower and Matt Shum), Journal of Political Economy

2017 "Inference Based on Many Conditional Moment Inequalities," (with Donald W. K. Andrews), Journal of Econometrics, 196(2), 275-287

2017 "Stata commands for Testing Conditional Moment Inequalities/Equalities," (with Donald W. K. Andrews and Wooyoung Kim), Stata Journal, 17(1), 56-72

2017 "Inference for functions of partially identified parameters in moment inequality models," (with Ivan A. Canay and Federico A. Bugni), Quantitative Economics, 8(1), 1-38

2015 "Simple Two-Stage Inference for A Class of Partially Identified Models," (with Matthew Shum) Econometric Theory, 31(3), 493-520

2015 "A Nondegenerate Vuong Test," Quantitative Economics, 6(1), 85-121

(ndVuong Matlab and Stata Code) (Errata)

2015 "Model Selection Test for Nonnested Moment Inequality Models ," Journal of Econometrics, 187 (1), 1-17

(working paper version)

2015 "Specification Tests for Moment Inequality models," (with Federico A. Bugni and Ivan A. Canay), Journal of Econometrics. 185(1),259-282

2014 "Nonparametric Inference Based on Conditional Moment Inequalities," (with Donald Andrews) Journal of Econometrics, 179(1), 31-45.

(working paper version)

2013 "Inference Based on Conditional Moment Inequalities," (with Donald Andrews) Econometrica, 81(2), 609-666.

(slides) (Gauss code for the Monte Carlo) (Supplemental Material) (Stata Implementation)

2012 "Nonlinear Cointegrating Regression under Weak Identification," (with Peter Phillips) Econometric Theory, 28(3), 509-547.

(slides) (working paper version)

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