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Department of Economics


Xiaoxia Shi (史晓霞)

Lowell and Leila Robinson Professor

Working Papers

2019 "Semi-Nonparametric Estimation of Random Coefficient Logit Model for Aggregate Demand," R&R at Journal of Econometrics (with Zhentong Lu and Jing Tao)

2019 "Estimating Demand for Differentiated Products with Zeroes in Market Share Data," (with Amit Gandhi and Zhentong Lu), R&R at Quantitative Economics

(2013 version with partial identification)

Publications and Forthcomings

2021 "Simple Adaptive Size-Exact Testing for Full-vector and Subvector Inference in Moment Inequality Models," (with Gregory Cox), forthcoming, the Review of Economic Studies

2021 "Inference on Estimators defined by Mathematical Programming," (with Yu-Wei Hsieh and Matthew Shum), forthcoming, Journal of Econometrics

2020 "A Uniform Model Selection Test for Semi/Nonparametric Models," (with Zhipeng Liao), Quantative Economics,11(2020):983-1017

(Supplemental Appendix)

2019 "Testing Generalized Regression Monotonicity," (with Yu-Chin Hsu and Chu-An Liu) Econometric Theory, 35(6):1146-1200

2019 "On the Empirical Content of the Beckerian Marriage Model," (with Jianfei Cao and Matthew Shum), Economic Theory, 67(2):349-362

2019 "An Improved Bootstrap Test of Density Ratio Ordering," (with Brendan K. Beare) Econometrics and Statistics, 10(2019):9-26

(Matlab Code)

2018 "Estimating Semi-parametric Panel Multinomial Choice Models using Cyclic Monotonicity ," (with Matthew Shum and Wei Song), Econometrica, 86(2):737-761

(Supplemental Appendix)

2018 "Can Words Get in the Way? The Effect of Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making," (with Matias Iaryczower and Matt Shum), Journal of Political Economy, 126(2):688-734

2017 "Model Selection Test for Conditional Moment Inequality Models ," (with Yu-Chin Hsu), Econometrics Journal , 20(1):52-85

2017 "Inference Based on Many Conditional Moment Inequalities," (with Donald W. K. Andrews), Journal of Econometrics, 196(2), 275-287

2017 "Stata commands for Testing Conditional Moment Inequalities/Equalities," (with Donald W. K. Andrews and Wooyoung Kim), Stata Journal, 17(1), 56-72

2017 "Inference for functions of partially identified parameters in moment inequality models," (with Ivan A. Canay and Federico A. Bugni), Quantitative Economics, 8(1), 1-38

2015 "Simple Two-Stage Inference for A Class of Partially Identified Models," (with Matthew Shum) Econometric Theory, 31(3), 493-520

2015 "A Nondegenerate Vuong Test," Quantitative Economics, 6(1), 85-121

(ndVuong Matlab and Stata Code) (Errata)

2015 "Model Selection Test for Nonnested Moment Inequality Models ," Journal of Econometrics, 187 (1), 1-17

(working paper version)

2015 "Specification Tests for Moment Inequality models," (with Federico A. Bugni and Ivan A. Canay), Journal of Econometrics. 185(1),259-282

2014 "Nonparametric Inference Based on Conditional Moment Inequalities," (with Donald Andrews) Journal of Econometrics, 179(1), 31-45.

(working paper version)

2013 "Inference Based on Conditional Moment Inequalities," (with Donald Andrews) Econometrica, 81(2), 609-666.

(slides) (Gauss code for the Monte Carlo) (Supplemental Material) (Stata Implementation)

2012 "Nonlinear Cointegrating Regression under Weak Identification," (with Peter Phillips) Econometric Theory, 28(3), 509-547.

(slides) (working paper version)






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