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Comment on Wolfgang Streeck paper -- Beneficial constraints (July 1998)
Experiments in Deliberative Democracy (with Archon Fung, May 1998) See revised version below
The Real Utopias Project: an Overview (January 1999)
"Beneficial Constraints: beneficial for whom?", July 1998
"Experiments in Deliberative Democracy" (with Archon Fung), May, 1998
"Workers Interests and Capitalists Power: rethinking the concept of class compromise", March, 1999
"Foundations of Class Analysis," July 1999
"Real Utopian Proposals for reducing Income and Wealth Inequality", October, 1999
Metatheoretical Foundations of Charles Tilly’s Durable Inequality”, November 1999
"Class, Exploitation and Economic Rents: reflections on Sørensen’s “'Toward a Sounder Basis for Class Analysis,'” Jan. 2000
"The Glass Ceiling Hypothesis: a comparative study of United States, Sweden and Australia,"  April 2000
"The American Jobs Machine: the trajectory of good and bad jobs in the 1960s and 1990s," (with Rachel Dwyer), September 2000  [Published version]
           Text of "The American Jobs Machine"
           Figures for "The American Jobs Machine"
           Technical Appendix (HTML)
"Sociological Marxism," (with Michael Burawoy), March 2000
"The Shadow of Exploitation in Weber's Class Analysis", original paper, September, 2000. published version (ASR 2002)
"Foundations of Class Analysis in the Marxist Tradition", April 2001
"Complex Egalitarianism", (with Harry Brighouse), March 2001

Alternative Foundations of Class Analysis, edited by Erik Olin Wright
    with contributions by Erik Olin Wright, Richard Breen, David Grusky, Loic Wacquant, Aage Sorensen and Jan Pakulski

    Table of Contents
    Introduction (Erik Olin Wright)
    Chapter 1. A Framework of Class Analysis in the Marxist Tradition (Erik Olin Wright)
    Chapter 2. A Weberian Approach to Class Analysis (Richard Breen)
    Chapter 3. A Durkheimian Strategy of Class Analysis (David Grusky), not yet available
    Chapter 4. Bourdieu's Approach to Class Analysis (Loic Wacquant), not yet available
    Chapter 5. A Ricardian Appraoch to Class Analysis (Aage Sorensen)
    Chapter 6. Anti-class analysis: social inequality and post-Modern trends (Jan Pakulski)

Deepening Democracy: Institutional Innovations in Empowered Participatory Goverance (with Archon Fung)


Reflections on Marxism, Class and Politics interview by Chronis Polychroniou, February 2001
Interview by Mark Kirby, April, 2001