Fall Semester, 2002

Each week (after session 1) in this seminar, students prepare a written "interrogation" of the readings in which they raise issues and questions for the seminar discussion. I write comments on each of these interrogations and then send the entire set of interrogations & comments to everyone in the class by the morning of the day the seminar meets. I then distill the discussion agenda for the session from the set of interrogation so the issues we discuss are derived from the puzzles and preoccupations announced in these weekly memos.

                     Introduction: the place of the state in social theory. Introductory comments
Session 1:    Class Analytic Approaches to the State. Interrogations. Discussion Agenda.
Session 2:    Organization-Analytic Approaches to the state. Interrogations. Discussion Agenda.
Session 3:    Micro-Analytic Approaches to the state. Interrogations. Discussion Agenda.
Session 4:    Adam Przeworski, Capitalism and Social Democracy. InterrogationsDiscussion Agenda.
Session 5:    George Steinmetz, Regulating ther Social. Interrogations.  Discussion Agenda.
Session 6:    Peter Swenson, Capitalists Against Markets. InterrogationsDiscussion Agenda.
Session 7:    Gosta Esping-Anderson, Social Foundations of Post-Industrial Capitalism. InterrogationsDiscussion Agenda.
Session 8:    Duane Swank, Global Capital, Political Institutions and Policy Change. Interrogations.  Discussion Agenda.
Session 9:    David Waldner. State Building and Late Development. Interrogations.  Discussion Agenda.
Session 10:  Vivek Chibber, Locked in Place. Interrogations.  Discussion Agenda.
Session 11:   David Abraham, The Fall of the Weimar RepublicInterrogations.  Discussion Agenda.