SOCIOLOGY 621. Class, State & Ideology.

2005 Lecture Notes


    Lecture 1: Setting the Agenda: the goals of Emancipatory Social Theory

    Lectures 2 & 3: The Tasks and Structure of Marxism as an emancipatory theory

    Lecture 4 & 5. The Classical Marxist Theory of History

    Lecture 6 & 7. Critiques and Reconstructions

    Lecture 8. Capitalist Dynamics: a sketch of a theory of capitalist trajectory

    Lecture 9. What is Class?

    Lecture 10.  The Concept of Exploitation

    Lecture 11.  Rethinking the Class Structure of Capitalism

    Lecture 12 & 13.  Class and Gender I: Marxism and feminism

    Lecture 14.  Class and Race

    Lecture 15.  Basic Concepts of class formation

    Lecture 16.  Rationality, solidarity and class struggle

    Lecture 17.  Dilemmas of Working Class Collective Action

    Lecture 18.  Class Compromise                                                               

    Lecture 19.  What is “Politics”? What is “the state”?

    Lecture 20.  What, if anything, makes the capitalist state a capitalist state? Is the state a patriarchal state?

    Lecture 21.  The State & Accumulation: functionality and contradiction

    Lecture 22.  The State and the Working Class: The democratic capitalist state and social Stability

    Lecture 23.  What is Ideology?

    Lecture 24.  Mystification: ideology as false consciousness

    Lecture 25.  Ideological Hegemony and Legitimation

    Lecture 26.  Ideology and Exploitation: the problem of consent

    Lecture 27. Microfoundations of the theory of Ideology