Memos, comments, articles, presentations concerning the theme and program

Presidential Journals 

Real Utopia Proposal Sessions, 2012 ASA meetings



Memos, comments, articles, presentations

A Sketch of the Real Utopias Theme and Program (February 2012 revision) pdf

Audio: "A Sketch of Plans for the 2012 ASA Annual Meetings," Informal presentation to the Wisconsin Sociology Department, September 2010.   WMA  MP3

Memo to the program committee on ideas for thematic and plenary sessions (10/23/2010) pdf

Open Letter to ASA sections on Real Utopias Theme pdf

Comment on ASA theme by Scott Feld (Purdue University) and Reply by Erik Olin Wright (11/1/2010) pdf

Comments about relevance of the Real Utopias theme to agendas of different ASA sections    pdf

ASA Footnotes article about the ASA Wikipedia Initiative, November 2011 pdf

"Sociology association encourages members to help improve Wikipedia" by Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, Nov. 18, 2011 pdf

     "Writing Wikipedia Articles as a Classroom Assignment," essay for Teaching Sociology Section Newsletter, February 2012   pdf


ASA Presidential Travel Journals




July 2010-August 2011 pdf

Lectures in Bogotá, August 2010 pdf

Berlin lectures, May 2011pdf

Winnipeg conference, Association of Cooperative Educators, July 2011 pdf

August-September 2011 pdf

Trip to Little Rock and the Mid-South Sociological Association Meeting, October 2011 pdf

50th Anniversary of the Port Huron Statement Conference, February 2012 pdf

Sociologists for Women and Society Winter meeting, February 2012pdf

Visit to Gallaudet University, February 13, 2012pdf

Campus Tour of South Texas and Navajo Nation, March 19-27, 2012 pdf

Campus Tour of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, April, 2012 pdf

Lecture Trip to England, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, May 2012 pdf