Sociology 929

Alternative Foundations of Class Analysis



Weekly Interrogations


Schedule Of Topics

     Week  1.      9/5      Introduction: normative and theoretical dimensions of the study of class and inequality Presentation notes

 I. The Marxist Tradition of Class Analysis

Week  2.      9/12    Marx's Approach to Class Interrogations  Agenda

Week  3.      9/19    Erik Olin Wright’s reconstruction(s) of Marxist Class Analysis Interrogations  Agenda podcast

Week  4.      9/26    Richard Wolf & Stephen Resnick’s class processes approach Interrogations  Agenda


II. Weberian Class Analysis

Week  5.     10/3     John Scott’s reconstruction of a Weberian Class Analysis  Interrogation  Agenda

Week  6.     10/10   John Goldthorpe’s quasi-Weberian approach   Interrogation Agenda 


III. Marx/Weber Amalgams            

Week  7.       10/17  Charles Tilly’s Melding of Marx and Weber Interrogation Agenda 

Week  8.       10/24  Michael Mann’s Organizational Materialism model of Class  Interrogation


IV. Pierre Bourdieu’s multidimensional class analysis

Week  9.       10/31 Pierre Bourdieu’s approach to Class Analysis Interrogation Agenda 

Week  10.     11/7   Andrew Sayer’s analysis of the moral dimension of class Interrogation


V. Neo-Durkheimian Class Analysis

Week  11.  11/14  David Grusky’s proposal for micro-classes Interrogation


VI. The Death of Class

Week  12.  11/21  Is Class still a central dimension of social structure? Interrogation