University of California - Berkeley, January, March 2002
Lecture Notes

Week 1. January 29-31  Introduction: The Broad Structure of Marxist Theory

     Sessions 1-3.  Normative Foundations, Diagnosis of Capitalism, Historical Materialism, and "Sociological Marxism"
                         Seventeen Theses for Sociological Marxism

Week 2. March 5-7  Class Structure and Class Formation

     Session 4.  Oppression, Exploitation and Class
     Session 5.  Complexities of Class Structure: the Middle Class, Careers, Families
     Session 6.  Class Formation

Week 3. March 12-14 Class, Race and Gender

     Session 7.  Intersections and Interactions: The problem of the relationships between class and other forms of Inequality
     Session 8.  Class and Race
     Session 9.  Class and Gender

Week 4. March 19-21  State and Ideology

     Session 10.  The Class Analysis of the State
     Session 11.  The Class Analysis of Ideology
     Session 12.  Envisioning Real Utopias