Lecture 2 Lecture 1 (24 Jan 2012) “Shoppers’ Delight”  Discussion of Course content distribution of syllabus

Topic 1 History of Word Population

Basic demographic measures, age-pyramids, momentum

 Lecture Notes: History of World Population

Topic 2 Demographic Transition

Demographic Transition: Theory and Measurement

Topic 3 Population Aging & Population Momentum

Topic 4 Malthus

Malthus Principles of Population

Topic 5 Population Debate

Topic 6: Population and Environment

 Tragedy of the Commons

Population and the Environment

Topic 7 Economics of the Family

Topic 8 Economics of Fertility

Review of Fertility Measures; Child as Normal Goods

Lectures on Fertility 1-3

Fertility Response to Child Mortality (Ben Porath and Olsen)

Wolpin’s (1997) Model of Fertility Responses to Infant/Child Mortality

Closing Thoughts on Fertility

Topic 9 Human Capital: Schooling and Migration/Immigration

Human Capital Models of Schultz, Becker and Mincer Human Capital Lecture 1

NPV and IRR  Human Capital Lecture 2

General and Specific Human Capital Human Capital Lecture 3

Private and Social Costs Human Capital Lecture 4

Migration and Immigration: Lecture 1

Migration and Immigration: Lecture 2

Topic 10 Health and Mortality

Lecture Notes Health, Morbidity and Mortality

Mortality patterns, Epidemiological transition, basic mortality measures

Classification of diseases

SES and Mortality — McKweon

SES and Mortality — Fogel

SES and Mortality – Preston, Cutler et al.

Health and Mortality on SES – Smith

DP example and Closing Thoughts on Mortality

Supplemental – Dynamic Programming

Introduction to Dynamic Programming