FALL SEMESTER 2012-13, 8417 Social Science


Jesse Gregory and John Karl Scholz (Organizers)







September 4

Organizational Meeting


September 11 

David Albouy (Michigan)

"Metropolitan Land Values and Housing Productivity" (with Gabriel Ehrlich)

September 18 


No meeting

September 25

Mike Anderson

"Welfare Implications of Early Social Security Claiming" (slides)

October 2

Laurel Beck

 "Medicare Eligibility and Utilization of Care Among the Near-Elderly"

October  9

Cher Li

"Effects of Human Capital Depreciation on Occupational Gender Segregation" 

October 16

 YoungWook Lee

"Labor supply effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit with labor supply restrictions" 

Wednesday, October 24 IRP Workshop (12:15-1:30, 3470 SS)

Damon Jones (Chicago, Harris School) 

"Earnings Responses to Policy: Evidence from the Social Security Earnings Test"

Thursday, October 25 IRP Workshop (12:15-1:30)

Jeffrey Liebman (Harvard, Kennedy School) "Social Impact Bonds"

October 30

 Steven Durlauf (Wisconsin)

"Linear Social Network Models" (with Lawrence Blume, William Brock and Rajshri Jayaraman)

November 6

Trevon Logan (Ohio State)

"The Long-Term Consequences of Distinctively Black Names:  Evidence from the American Past" (with Lisa D. Cook and John M. Parmanzx)

November  13

Kelly Ragan (Stockholm)

 "Sex and the Single Girl:  Cultural Persistence and the Pill"

November  20

No Meeting, Thanksgiving Week


November  27

 Steven Haider (Michigan State)

"Parental Investments in College and Later Cash Transfers" (with Kathleen McGarry) 

December 4

 Ilyana Kuziemko, Columbia

"Last Place Aversion:"  Evidence and Redistributive Implications (with Ryan Buell, Taly Reich, and Michael Norton) 

December 10 (Monday, joint with Labor)

John Friedman, Kennedy School of Government (Harvard)


Active Versus Passive Decisions and Crowd-Out in Retirement Savings Accounts:  Evidence from Denmark (with Raj Chetty, Soren Leth-Petersen, and Torben Neilsen)