Social Movements Seminar: Topical Index of Reading Assignments

Access Notes: (1) “Stable URL” in this online syllabus is a link to the article in JSTOR. You will need a legal connection to JSTOR to use these URLs, which you will have if you enter the system through a UW connection. Most JSTOR articles are also available on line through other sources (but not with stable URLs). Also note that it is much faster to download the JSTOR files to your PC for easier reading & printing off-line, instead of having to wait while each page processes on line. (2) You need a username and password to access the articles stored on this site. This is given in class. DO NOT BATCH PRINT OUT ALL THESE ARTICLES ON THE SSCC PRINTERS!!!

  1. Introduction and overview of social movement theory
  2. Black Movement: Morris & McAdam combined plus repression issues
    1. Morris & McAdam separate
  3. Organizations, External Resources, Professionalization
  4. Collective Action Theory & Mobilization Processes
  5. Networks & Mobilizing Structures
  6. Fields
  7. Frames, Framing Processes, & Related Issues
  8. Identity, Consciousness, Emotions
    1. Emotions Etc.(this list may or may not be duplicated by articles on the main page)
  9. States as Constraints: Political Opportunities, Structure, Mediation
    1. Political Opportunities and Contexts Group I
    2. Movement Tactics and Effects on States
    3. Relations Between Movements: Counter-Movements and Competition
    4. Repression & Policing Part I
    5. Political Opportunities and Contexts Group II: Some Other Good Articles
    6. State-Movement Dynamics: Cycles and Coevolution
  10. Outcomes and Consequences of Movements
  11. Media & Movements
    1. Selection Processes – Articles about factors predicting whether protests and demonstrations get news coverage.
    2. Media and Mobilization – Articles about how the media aid or deter mobilization or affect the trajectory of action
    3. Constructions – Articles about how the media portray movements.
  12. Transnational Movements
  13. Ethnic movements
  14. Contents of Edited Collections of Social Movements Articles
    1. Dynamics of Contention (the book)
    2. Mansbridge & Morris: Oppositional Consciousness
    3. Andrews Freedom Struggle book
    4. Contents of Blackwell Companion to Social Movements
  15. Even more articles not included in the above (an unsorted list with JSTOR URLs)