About Me

My name is Masoud Movahed and I am a doctoral candidate in Sociology (with minor in Economics) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Broadly, my interests lie at the nexus of economic sociology and social stratification.Most of my works use computational and quantitative methods, but I retain a keen interest for comparative historical methods.

My works have been published in theJournal of International Development,  Sociological Quarterly,   Interface: A Journal for and About Social MovementsHarvard Economics Review, Harvard International Review, Foreign Affairs Boston Review, Yale Journal of International Affairs, Journal of Development Matters. I have also written a few articles for AljazeeraEnglish and World Economic Forum

Prior to Joining University of Wisconsin-Madison as a Ph.D. student, I completed a master’s in Economics and Sociology at New York University, where I also worked as a research associate for two years.