Community Mentoring and Life Writing Project

2010-2011,Kauffman Community Entrepreneurship Internship Fellowship, Morgridge Center for Public Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Founder and Instructor, “Telling Our Stories Across Generations,” an  intergenerational oral  history workshop at East High School, in collaboration with Wisconsin Dept of Public Instruction’s Early Outreach Program ($5,600 grant)

2009-2010, Humanities Exposed Scholars Fellowship, Center for Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Founder and Instructor, “Telling Our Stories in Madison,” a mixed media youth storytelling project at UW Madison, included a mentorship program and publishing workshop, partnered with Madison Metropolitan School District ($1,500 grant plus $1,500 in-kind donations I fundraised privately)

These projects were all collaborative in content generation and in their implementation. I could not have carried out these two successful projects in community-based oral history without the help of many volunteers and generous financial donations from the Madison, Wisconsin, community.



AAAGS re-chartered as a student group during my early years of graduate school.  I have served on the Executive Board of this student group during my time in graduate school and have been able to thrive in many ways as a result of this supportive cross-disciplinary group of scholars and extended social support network.



2011. Nguyen, Mytoan and Vanessa Merina, eds,  Telling Our Stories: A Web Anthology. Available online at:

2010. Nguyen, Mytoan and Christie Her, eds,  Telling Our Stories in Madison. Madison, WI.  A self-published anthology in full color of youth stories about growing up in Madison.

2006, Nguyen, Mytoan,  “Healthwise: Signs of Intimate Partner Abuse in Vietnamese Households” BN Magazine. Re-published at New America Media Online. (link to full text, wait a few minutes for article to load).

2005, Nguyen, Mytoan, “A Demographic and Ethnic Media Profile of Sacramento’s Asian and Pacific Islander Community,” July 2005. Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce.  This report was used to discuss future SACC policies and how to outreach to underrepresented minority business leaders in the Central Valley, California.

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