Letter of Recommendation
Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I ask to write my letters?

Ask those who will provide you with the strongest recommendations! A few things to consider before requesting a letter from an instructor:

Would you write a letter for me?

The short answer is that, given sufficient notice, I'm game to write a letter for any current or former student — but the quality of the letter will depend on the factors discussed above. If you have any questions that aren't addressed above, send me an e-mail and we'll set up a time to talk.

Anything else I need to know?

I insist on confidentiality for all letters of recommendation, so I won't submit a letter if an invitation informs me that you've reserved your right to view my letter. Similarly, I won't give you a letter to submit to a school — instead we would make arrangements for me to submit the letter directly.

Do not bring me any gifts. If you wish, after all of your applications are complete, you may send a thank you card -- but please don't feel under any obligation to do so!

What materials should I send you?

The materials I ask for are:

When will you submit my letters?

I set aside time to submit letters of recommendation each and every Friday. Given this, if you would like a letter to be submitted by a certain date, you must ensure that the program sends me an invitation by the Thursday before that deadline.

In order to keep this process as efficient as possible, please do not e-mail me asking whether I've received an invitation and/or reminding me of a upcoming deadline unless you believe a Friday has passed since the invitation was sent to me.

However, if a Friday has passed and you're concerned a letter didn't get submitted, then don't hesitate to check in with me. We can confirm that the invitation was received and that it didn't end up in my spam folder.