The Trilemma, International Currencies, Capital Controls and Financial Development

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Source: IMF, COFER June 2015

Professor Menzie Chinn
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A Note on the Exam: The final exam will be one hour long, and entail answering in essay form (w/equations, graphs if appropriate) several major questions regarding key topics in the course. The exam is close book/closed note. Please bring writing paper to provide your answers on.
The course will cover the key concept in international finance, namely the choices imposed by the international trilemma (also known as the impossible trinity), the proposition that a country cannot simultaneously pursue full monetary autonomy, exchange rate stability, and financial integration/absence of capital controls. Considerable attention will be devoted to issues of measurement and estimation of the effects of policy combinations. Finally, the linkage of financial integration to financial development and to the internationalization of currencies will be examined.

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The Trilemma, International Currencies, Capital Controls and Financial Development/ Universität Leipzig / / 21 December 2015