KDI Conference


Global Economic Crisis:
Impacts, Transmission, and Recovery

Organized by the East-West Center and Korea Development Institute
Honolulu, Hawaii
19-20 August 2010

Papers for Downloading (PDF files)

Paper 1. The Global Financial Crisis: Is It Unprecedented?
Michael D. Bordo and John S. Landon-Lane
Commentary on Paper 1 by Sumner La Croix

Paper 2. Responses of the Korean Economy to the Global Crisis: Another Currency Crisis?
Dongchul Cho
Commentary on Paper 2 by Sumner La Croix

Paper 3. International Financial Markets and Transmission of the Crisis: Determinants of Exchange Market Pressure and Absorption by International Reserves
Joshua Aizenman and Michael Hutchison
Commentary on Paper 3 by Ilan Noy

Paper 4. The International Spillover of the Financial Disruption: The Case of Korea
Hangyong Lee and Min-Kyu Song
Commentary on Paper 4 by Ilan Noy

Paper 5. Are We Really Between Scylla and Charybdis? Imbalances, Overheating, and the Recovery
Menzie D. Chinn
Commentary on Paper 5 by Hangyu Lee

Paper 6. The Great Trade Collapse and Contraction of Exports in Korea during the Global Crisis
Hangyu Lee
Commentary on Paper 6 by Menzie D. Chinn

Paper 7. Macroeconomic and Financial Policies Before and After the Crisis
Barry Eichengreen
Commentary on Paper 7 by Hyeon-Wook Kim

Paper 8. Macroeconomic Policies of Korea to Cope with the Crisis
Hyeon-Wook Kim
Commentary on Paper 8 by Barry Eichengreen

Paper 9. Are All Emerging Market Crises Alike?
Marcos Chamon, Atish Ghosh, and Jun Kim
Commentary on Paper 9 by Kyung-Mook Lim

Paper 10. Structural Fundamentals of Korean Corporations: This Time Was Different
Kyung-Mook Lim
Commentary on Paper 10 by Atish Ghosh