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University of Wisconsin–Madison
PhD, Sociology and Community & Environmental Sociology



In fall 2019, I was honored to be nominated for a campus-wide award for Early Excellence in Teaching by the Department of Community & Environmental Sociology.

Laura is the most amazing TA. She has a deep knowledge of the material and an ability to make our space safe and open (CES 140 student, fall 2017).

Laura obviously has a deep connection to the course material and cares about what she’s teaching deeply. My favorite part about this course is that it tells you exactly how to be a really really good human – better than almost everyone is – it’s just how honest you are with yourself afterward (CES 140 student, fall 2018).

Laura was an amazing TA and made the effort to get to know every single student in the class by inviting everyone to her office hours. This class might be one of my favorite classes that I have taken at any level of school, and Laura made it that much more enjoyable. Thanks for such an intriguing semester!!! (CES 140 student, spring 2019).

In the Classroom

In fall 2020, I taught as Lecturer for Environment, Society, and Natural Resources (CES 248), a course in the Department of Community & Environmental Sociology introducing sociological theories that seek to explain our changing relationships with the environment. I was the sole instructor for an asynchronous online course with 39 undergraduate students and responsible for all aspects of teaching from content development to assignment design to grading.

I have served as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Community and Environmental Sociology (CES 140) with Professors Jane Collins and Michael Bell for three semesters.  I led seminar-style weekly discussion sections with 70-100 students, graded assignments, and gave guest lectures on the politics of climate change and gender & the environment.  I also served as a Grader for Environment, Society, and Natural Resources (CES 248) with Lecturer Kathryn Anderson in the fall of 2017.

In the fall of 2016, I served as co-convener of a student-initiated graduate research seminar on Environmental Sociology with Faculty Sponsor Professor Michael Bell.  I co-developed the course syllabus and led weekly seminar-style discussions with a dozen graduate students from departments across campus.

Prior to graduate school, I instructed six middle- and high school-level English Language classes in La Réunion, France in 2007-08 through the Assistant d’Anglais program of the French Ministry of Education.


In the spring 2019 semester, I mentored an undergraduate research assistant in qualitative research methods as part of my dissertation research about a solutions agenda in the climate justice movement.  We focused on narrative interview analysis and writing literature reviews, and they went on to apply these skills in a summer job at the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives.

I mentored two undergraduate interns in the summer of 2017.  One was a Sociology major in the Concentration in Research and Analysis certificate program who assisted with data processing and Stata analysis for the Worker Co-op Census.  The second was a Community & Environmental Sociology major who assisted with a literature review related to my dissertation project on “repertoires of construction” in the climate justice movement.

I have also mentored UW-Madison undergraduate students enrolled in a Strategic Planning for Nonprofits course (SoHE 345) with Professor Jennifer Gaddis by supervising their community-based research project in my capacity as a volunteer for a local environmental nonprofit.

Since 2015, I have provided personal and professional support to incoming graduate students through the Sociology Graduate Student Association Graduate Mentoring Committee.