My research interests include educational inequality, social stratification, higher education, poverty, social policy, and education policy.

I use quantitative research methods including experimental and quasi-experimental analyses as well as qualitative research methods including interviews and text analysis to answer research questions of substantive interest.

My research examines questions related to who goes to college, where they go and what experiences they have while they are there, and what it means for them in life more broadly. I am particularly interested in the educational experiences of students from low-income and poor families.

These interests are reflected in the research agenda I have pursued since I was an undergraduate studying why girls drop out of school in a remote village in Kenya. They continued in my work as a full-time education evaluator and are closely related to my work experiences helping students from low-income families prepare for college.  Most recently, these research interests are reflected in a multi-method study on poverty and material hardship among college students.

HUD with SGR 2015As an academic scholar, I am interested in conducting research that is of interest and use to families, practitioners, and policymakers.

Here is a selfie of Sara Goldrick-Rab and me on our way to a meeting with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to discuss housing instability among college students.