Broton AERA2017 Paper Award

Scholarly Articles

Broton, Katharine M.,  Graham N. S. Miller, and Sara Goldrick-Rab. “College on the Margins: Higher Education Professionals’ Perspectives on Campus Basic Needs Insecurity.” Forthcoming at Teachers College Record.

Broton, Katharine M. (2019). “Rethinking the Cooling Out Hypothesis: The Impact of Need-based Financial Aid on Students’ Educational Goals.” Community College Review, 47(1), 79-104. doi: 10.1177/0091552118820449.

Broton, Katharine M.,  Kari E. Weaver, and Minhtuyen Mai. (2018). Hunger in Higher Education: Experiences and Correlates of Food Insecurity among Wisconsin Undergraduates from Low-Income Families.” Social Sciences. 7(10): 179. doi:10.3390/socsci7100179.  Special Issue on Social Stratification and Inequality in Access to Higher Education, Edited by Vikki Boliver and Simon Marginson.

Broton, Katharine M. and Sara Goldrick-Rab. (2018). “Going Without: An Exploration of Food and Housing Insecurity among Undergraduates.”  Educational Researcher. 47(2):121-133. doi: 10.3102/0013189X17741303. (The final definitive version is available at

Broton, Katharine M., Sara Goldrick-Rab and James Benson. (2016). “Working for Tuition: The Causal Impacts of Financial Grants on Undergraduate Employment.” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 38(3):477-494. doi: 10.3102/0162373716638440.

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Broton, Katharine and Sara Goldrick-Rab.  (2016). “The Dark Side of College (Un)Affordability: Food and Housing Insecurity in Higher Education.” Feature article in Change, 48(1), 16-25. doi: 10.1080/00091383.2016.1121081.

  • Published in Miller, M. (Ed.) 2017. College Teaching and Learning for Change: Students and Faculty Speak Out. New York, NY: Routledge.

Research Reports

Goldrick-Rab, Sara, Katharine Broton, and Daphne Hernandez. 2017. “Addressing
Basic Needs Security in Higher Education: An Introduction to Three Evaluations of Supports for Food and Housing at Community Colleges.”  Wisconsin HOPE Lab.

Sackett, Chase, Sara Goldrick-Rab, and Katharine Broton. September 2016. “Addressing Housing Insecurity and Living Costs in Higher Education: A Guidebook for Colleges and Universities.” U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Wisconsin HOPE Lab.

Eisenberg, Daniel, Sara Goldrick-Rab, Sarah Ketchen Lipson, and Katharine Broton. March 2016. “Too Distressed to Learn? Mental Health among Community College Students.” Wisconsin HOPE Lab in partnership with Healthy Minds Study, the Association of Community College Trustees, and Single Stop.

  • Media Coverage by The Chronicle of Higher Education,  Inside Higher Education, Style Magazine and CBS San Francisco.

Goldrick-Rabhungry to learn (2), Sara, Katharine Broton, and Daniel Eisenberg. November 2015. “Hungry to Learn: Addressing Food & Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates.” Wisconsin HOPE Lab in partnership with Healthy Minds Study, the Association of Community College Trustees, and Single Stop.

  • Media Coverage by Associated Press, PBS NewsHour, Marketwatch, Wisconsin Public Television, Inside Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Education Writers Association, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Boston Public Radio, Houston Chronicle, Long Beach Post, San Diego Tribune, UC Food Observer, Monadnock Ledger-Transcript,, Generation Opportunity, Diverse Education, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine, Monarch Housing Associates, Next City, Examiner, Wisconsin State Journal, Capital Times, NBC 15 Madison, Fox11 Green Bay, Door County Daily News, and The Badger Herald.

Goldrick-Rab, Sara, Katharine Broton, and Victoria Frank. July 2014. “Single Stop USA’s Community College Initiative: Implementation Assessment.”  Wisconsin HOPE Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


ssusa white paper (2)

Goldrick-Rab, Sara, Katharine Broton, and Christin Gates. June 2013. “Clearing the Path to a Brighter Future: Addressing Barriers to Community College Access and Success.” White paper for the Association of Community College Trustees and Single Stop USA.

Research and Policy Briefs

Goldrick-Rab, Sara, Katharine Broton, and Emily Brunjes Colo. May 2016. “Why the Time is Right to Expand the National School Lunch Program to Higher Education.” Scholars Strategy Network Policy Brief.

Broton, Katharine and Sara Goldrick-Rab. August 2015. “Hunger in Higher Education.” Public Testimony for the National Commission on Hunger.

Broton, Katharine and Sara Goldrick-Rab. February 2014. “The Problem of College Students Without Reliable Housing.” Scholars Strategy Network Policy Brief.

Broton, Katharine and Sara Goldrick-Rab. October 2013. “Housing Instability among College Students.” Research Brief, Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education and the Center for Financial Security, University of Wisconsin-Madison.