L. Kamran Bilir

Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Economics

W. H. Sewell Social Science Building
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1393

Research   CV   Teaching


Patent Laws, Product Lifecycle Lengths, and Multinational Activity,  American Economic Review (2014) 

Host-Country Financial Development and Multinational Activity, with Davin Chor and Kalina Manova,  European Economic Review (2019) 

Innovation in the Global Firm, with Eduardo Morales,  Journal of Political Economy (2020) 

The Impact of Information Technology on the Diffusion of New Pharmaceuticals, with Kenneth J. Arrow and Alan Sorensen,  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2020) 

Working Papers

Knowledge Diffusion Through Networks, with Treb Allen, Zhang Chen, and Christopher Tonetti

Patent Laws and Innovation Selection in the Global Firm, with Yoko Sakamoto

Do Treaties Encourage Technology Transfer? Evidence from the Paris Convention, with Petra Moser and Irina Talis