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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Sims, Jennifer Patrice. 2016."Reevaluation of the influence of appearance and reflected appraisals for mixed race identity: The role of consistent inconsistent racial perception" Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 2 (4): 569-583.

Sims, Jennifer Patrice. 2012. " Beautiful Stereotypes: The Relationship between Physical Attractiveness and Mixed Race Identity." Identities, 19 (1): 61-80.

Manuscripts under review

Sims, Jennifer Patrice. "'Look at me predicting the future:' Mixed race adults and family planning."

Manuscripts in preparation

Sims, Jennifer Patrice and Remi Joseph Salisbury. "Theorizing the role of masculinity in mixed race identity development."

Sims, Jennifer Patrice and Matthew Ahlfs. "The potential learning inhibiting impact of racial priming during instruction."

Book Chapter

Sims, Jennifer. 2017. "An open letter to the black woman in the front row." Chapter 8 in Stories From the Front of the Room: How Higher Education Faculty of Color Overcome Challenges and Thrive in the Academy, edited by M. Harris et al., Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Public Sociology

Sims, Jennifer Patrice. 2016. " Calls for Respect Following the Election Misguided" Racism Review

Sims, Jennifer Patrice. 2016. " The Reality of Imaginary Whiteness." African American Intellectual History Society

Sims, Jennifer Patrice. 2016. "Next Step for Beyonce." Racism Review

Sims, Jennifer Patrice and Vanisha Renee Pierce. 2016. "Black Twitter, White Tears." Racism Review

Sims, Jenn. 2012. "Where are you from? A tale of three cities." People In Harmony Newsletter, Issue 56, 8-11.

last updated 02/21/2017