Selected Papers

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Selected Effect Sizes for Meta-Analysis: Here

Financial Education and Coaching:

The Effects of Access to Banking Services on Elementary Student’s Financial Learning: A Field Study. with Madelaine L’Esperance and Elizabeth Odders-White APPAM Conference Paper (2017)

The Role of Information on Retirement Planning: Evidence from a Field Study. with Carly Urban. Economic Inquiry (2017)

Using Field Experiments to Evaluate the Impact of Financial Planning and Counseling InterventionsJournal of Financial Counseling and Planning (2017).

Incentives for Loan Repayments: Evidence from a Randomized Field Study. with Leah Gjertson and Justin Sydnor Journal of Consumer Affairs (2017).

Reminding Individuals to Check Their Free Credit Reports: A Case for Using Low-Touch Campaigns to Promote Positive Behaviors. with Collin O’Rourke and Peggy Olive  Journal of Extension  (2017).

The Impact of Electronic Payments for Vulnerable Consumers: Evidence from Social Security. with Drew Anderson and Alexi Strand. Journal of Consumer Affairs. (2017).  

Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Financial Education on Elementary School Students’ Knowledge, Behavior, and Attitudes. Collins, Odders-White and Batty.  Journal of Consumer Affairs 49 (1), 69–96. (2015). Full paper and CFS Brief summary also available.

A Framework for Developing and Testing Financial Capability Programs Targeted to Elementary Schools with Elizabeth Odders-White. The Journal of Economic Education (2015)

The impacts of mandatory financial education: Evidence from a randomized field study. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2013)

Borrowing Capacity and Financial Decisions of Low-to-Moderate Income First-Time Homebuyers. with Stephanie Moulton, Cazilia Loibl and Anya Samak. Journal of Consumer Affairs (2014)

The Effects of Foreclosure Counseling for Distressed Homeowners. with Maximillian Schmeiser. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (2013)

Protecting Minority Homeowners: Race, Foreclosure Counseling and Mortgage Modifications. with Carly Urban and Maximillian Schmeiser. Journal of Consumer Affairs (2013)

Financial Coaching’s Potential for Enhancing Family Financial Security. with Peggy Olive and Collin O’Rourke. Journal of Extension (2013)

Financial Advice: A Substitute for Financial Literacy? Financial Services Review (2012)

The Application of Coaching Techniques to Financial Issues. with Collin O’Rourke. Journal of Financial Therapy (2012)

Financial Education and Counseling—Still Holding Promise. with Collin O’Rourke. Journal of Consumer Affairs (2010)

Comparing Foreclosure Counseling Policies in the US and UK. with Michael Orton. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (2010)

Exploring the Design of Financial Counseling for Mortgage Borrowers in Default. Journal of Family and Economic Issues (2007) 

Household Finance, Health and Well Being

Flu and Finances: Influenza Outbreaks and Loan Defaults in US Cities, 2004–2012 with Jason Houle and Max Schmeiser Sep 2015, American Journal of Public Health

Spare the Home, Spare the Child? Foreclosure and Child Protective Services Involvement. with Lonnie Berger, Sara Font, Leah Gjertson, Kristi Slack, and Tim Smeeding.  Pediatrics (2015, in press)

Household Debt and Adult Depressive Symptoms. with Lonnie Berger and Laura Cuesta. Journal of Family and Economic Issues (2015)

Drug withdrawals and the utilization of therapeutic substitutes: The case of Vioxx. with Kosali Simon and Sharon Tennyson. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2013)

Food Insecurity, Financial Shocks, and Financial Coping Strategies among Households with Elementary School Children in Wisconsin. with Judi Bartfeld Journal of Consumer Affairs (2017)

Sample chapter1 from A Fragile Balance Emergency Savings and Liquid Resources for Low-Income Consumers

The Role of Information in Credit Markets:

Mandatory Mediation and the Renegotiation of Mortgage Contracts. with Carly Urban. Economic Journal (2015)

Sustaining Homeownership after Delinquency: The Effectiveness of Loan Modifications by Race and Ethnicity. with Carolina Reid and Carly Urban Cityscape (2015)

The Dark Side of Sunshine: Regulatory Oversight and Status Quo with Carly Urban Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2014)

Protecting Mortgage Borrowers through Risk Awareness: Evidence from Variations in State Laws. Journal of Consumer Affairs 48(1), 124–146 (2014)

State Mortgage Foreclosure Policies & Lender Interventions: Impacts on Borrower Behavior in Default. with Ken Lam and Christopher E. Herbert. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (2012)

Mortgage Mistakes? Demographic Factors Associated with Problematic Loan Application Behaviors. Journal of Family and Economic Issues (2011)

The Effects of a Foreclosure Moratorium on Loan Repayment Behaviors, with Carly Urban. Regional Science and Urban Economics (2018).

Active Projects

Increasing the Salience of Property Tax Obligations: A Field Experiment with Older Adults with Reverse Mortgages with Stephanie Moulton, Caezilia Loibl, Donald Haurin, and Julia Brown. 2021