Assistant Professor
Department of Economics

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    William H. Sewell Social Science Building
    Office 7428
    1180 Observatory Drive
    Madison, WI 53706-1393

    Phone: 608-265-6594

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  • Freyberger, J. (2015), "Asymptotic theory for differentiated products demand models with many markets",
    Journal of Econometrics, 185 (1), 162-181.
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  • Freyberger, J. and Horowitz, J. L. (2015), "Identification and shape restrictions in nonparametric instrumental variables estimation",
    Journal of Econometrics, 189 (1), 41-53.
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  • Freyberger, J. (2017), "On completeness and consistency in nonparametric instrumental variable models",
    Econometrica, 85 (5), 1629-1644.
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  • Freyberger, J. (2018), "Nonparametric panel data models with interactive fixed effects",
    Review of Economic Studies., 85 (3), 1824-1851.
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  • Freyberger, J. and Rai, Y. (2018), "Uniform confidence bands: characterization and optimality",
    Journal of Econometrics, 204 (1), 119-130.
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  • Freyberger, J. and Masten, M. A. (2018), "A practical guide to compact infinite dimensional parameter spaces",
    accepted for publication at Econometric Reviews.
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  • Freyberger, J., Neuhierl, A., and Weber, M. (2018), "Dissecting characteristics nonparametrically",
    accepted for publication at the Review of Financial Studies.
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Working papers

  • "Inference under shape restrictions" (with Brandon Reeves)
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  • "Identification in ascending auctions, with an application to digital rights management" (with Brad Larsen)
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