“This course was very helpful to statisticians who are unaware of all of the potential pitfalls of assuming all explanatory variables are exogenous in a regression equation. The instructor provided a level of understanding that goes far beyond the theory of different forms of regression analysis commonly studied.”
     Terry Kissinger, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

“A beautiful introduction to the computer world of DAGs! Felix has an accessible style and infectious enthusiasm when teaching what is a new world of causal inference.”
     J-P Laurenceau, University of Delaware

“I now understand the critical role that DAG’s can play in the design and interpretation of health research.”
     Sandra Echeverria, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey

“This course was an excellent and intuitive introduction to the subject. It will no doubt make it easier to read Pearl’s book for further understanding.”
     Linus Schioler, University of Gothenburg