Past Courses

2014    Causal Inference from Observational Data, UC Berkeley (5 days)

2014    DAGs course in Philadelphia (2 days)

2014    Instrumental variables course in Philadelphia (2 days)

2013    Graphical Causal Models for Causal Inference, Princeton University. (2 days)

2013    Causal Inference with Directed Graphs, Statistical Horizons, Philadelphia (2 days)

2012    Graphical Models for Causal Inference in Observational Research, Columbia University. (2 days)

2012    Introduction to Causal Inference, University of Oslo, Norway. (4 days)

2011    Causal Inference with DAGs, Yale University.  (1 day)

2011    Graphical Models for Causal Inference, Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Program, Columbia University. (2 days)

2008    Causal Inference for Time-Varying Treatments (Parts 1 & 2), Interdisciplinary   Training Program in Education Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

2007    Introduction to Causal Inference for Time-Varying Treatments, Yale University. (1 day)

2007    Causality, University of Mannheim Spring School, Germany. (half day)

2006    Introduction to Causal Inference for Time-Varying Treatments in Population Science, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria. (1 day)

2006    Summer Institute on Longitudinal Methods: Causal Inference, (with Chris Winship), Methodology Center, Pennsylvania State University. (3 days)

2005    Counterfactual Causal Modeling, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. (half day)

2003    Estimating Causal Effects of Policy Interventions, Open Society Institute, Tashkent and Samarkand, Uzbekistan.