How to Install the Emacs Editor for Windows 95

NOTE:  This page has been updated on August 30, 1999 to obtain the latest version of NT Emacs -- 20.4.1.  Again, the author is not responsible for any problems you may have using or installing this software.  If you have any problems, please go to the GNU Emacs for Windows NT and Windows 95 page and email me if you continue having problems.

1) Use your browser to go to the following site:

The latest version of emacs should always be available at that link.  If not, try looking for mirror sites here: At the mirror sites, look in the gnu/windows/emacs/latest sudirectory to find the latest version of NT Emacs.

2) Download the file that contains -bin-i386.tar.gz.  As of August 30, 1999, you can click on this link directly to download the file:

Tell your browser to save the file with the extension .tgz (WinZip knows how to recognize .tgz files), e.g., Netscape will ask you if you want to save the file as

File name: emacs-20_4-bin-i386_tar

Save as type: All files *.*

change file name to: emacs-20_4-bin-i386.tgz.

3) Use the explorer to double click on the emacs-20_4-bin-i386.tgz file you just saved.  WinZip should appear.  It should notify you that the file you are decompressing appears to have one file in it.  It will ask if you want to open that file.  Respond yes.  Then choose to extract the file to c:\ , using the directory names storred in the compressed file.

4) Unzipping should create a directory called c:\emacs-20.4.1You will want to rename it to just plain c:\emacs (either using the windows explorer or by typing 'rename emacs-20.4.1 emacs' at the MS-DOS prompt.

5) Create the directories c:\emacs\site-lisp and c:\emacs\lock if they were not created in the previous step.

6) Find the and execute addpm.exe in the c:\emacs\bindirectory by double clicking it in the Explorer. This will create a program group with an icon to run emacs. The window for the program group should come up. Double click the icon to run emacs. Note: you can create shortcuts to the program c:\emacs\bin\runemacs.exe -- that's the main Emacs executable.

7) Add the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT


Here is a link to the NT-Emacs page for more information:

GNU Emacs for Windows NT and Windows 95


Finally, go to the following page to get the Auc-TeX package.

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