Dan Quint's Teaching Page





Current Classes:


Law and Economics, Summer 2020      syllabus



Upcoming Classes:


Law and Economics, Fall 2020

PhD Micro I, Fall 2020

Markets and Models, Spring 2021



Past Classes:


Law and Economics (Econ 522, undergraduate)     course materials Spring 2017     

Markets and Models (Econ 690, undergraduate)      course materials Spring 2019

Five Beautiful Results in Micro Theory, With Proofs (undergraduate)     course materials Spring 2014


MS Micro I/Honors Intermediate Micro (Econ 701/311)      syllabus Fall 2016


PhD Micro I (Econ 711, first half)

Markets and Mechanisms (Econ 899, PhD, first half)     course materials Spring 2018

Advanced Micro Theory I (Econ 805, PhD)     course materials Fall 2009



Misc. Resources for Grad Students:


Advice for theory students preparing for their first presentation

Presentation on presentations


My past micro prelim questions:

Summer 2008 and Solutions

Unused Game Theory Question and Solutions

June 2018 (with solutions)
July 2018 (with solutions)

June 2019 (with solutions)
July 2019 (with solutions)

July 2019 "extended remix" and Solutions

(parts of the unused game theory question and the July 2019 "extended" version are probably harder than what I'd ask on an actual prelim question, but nice review of a wider range of topics)