Publications (peer-reviewed econ)     


Cristián Hernández, Daniel Quint, and Christopher Turansick, Estimation in English Auctions with Unobserved Heterogeneity (Dec 2019), accepted for publication, RAND Journal of Economics

(supplants Quint, Identification in Symmetric English Auctions with Additively Separable Unobserved Heterogeneity)


Daniel Quint and Ken Hendricks, A Theory of Indicative Bidding, AEJ: Microeconomics 10 (2), May 2018            (Appendix)


Daniel Quint, Common Values and Low Reserve Prices, Journal of Industrial Economics 65 (2), June 2017           (Appendix)


Andrés Aradillas-López, Amit Gandhi and Daniel Quint, A Simple Test for Moment Inequality Models with an Application to English Auctions, Journal of Econometrics 194, September 2016            (Appendix)


Daniel Quint, Imperfect Competition with Complements And Substitutes, Journal of Economic Theory 152, July 2014           (Appendix)


Daniel Quint, Pooling With Essential And Nonessential Patents, AEJ: Microeconomics 6 (1), February 2014


Andrés Aradillas-López, Amit Gandhi and Daniel Quint, Identification and Inference in Ascending Auctions with Correlated Private Values, Econometrica 81 (2), March 2013           (Appendix)


Daniel Quint, Looking Smart versus Playing Dumb in Common-Value Auctions, Economic Theory 44 (3), September 2010


Daniel Quint, Unobserved Correlation in Private-Value Ascending Auctions, Economics Letters 100 (3), September 2008           (Example and Extensions)


Guillermo Caruana, Liran Einav, and Daniel Quint, Multilateral Bargaining with Concession Costs, Journal of Economic Theory 132 (1), January 2007


Daniel Quint and Liran Einav, Efficient Entry, Economics Letters 88 (2), August 2005



Working Papers


Lars Boerner and Daniel Quint, Medieval Matching Markets (Apr 2019), revise-and-resubmit, International Economic Review     (Appendix)

(discussion of an earlier version on Al Roth's Market Design blog and Economic Logic.)


Christiaan van Bochove, Lars Boerner, and Daniel Quint, Anglo-Dutch Premium Auctions in Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam (Jan 2017)         (Appendix)


Daniel Quint, A Simple Example to Illustrate the Linkage Principle (Apr 2016)


Yuanchuan Lien and Daniel Quint, Bidding Reversals in a Multiple-Good Auction with Aggregate Reserve Price (Jan 2011)           (Appendix)



Other Publications


Daniel Quint, Patent Pools, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online, Eds. Steven Durlauf and Lawrence Blume, Palgrave Macmillan, 2008


Daniel Quint, Leiba Rodman, and Ilya Spitkovsky, New Cases of Almost Periodic Factorization of Triangular Matrix Functions, Michigan Mathematical Journal 45 (1), April 1998