ECON 709: Econometrics I, Part I, Fall 2017

Professor: Bruce Hansen


TA: Yoshi Rai
TA: Wanjia Zhu

Syllabus for Part I

Bruce Hansen's Webpage
ECONOMETRICS (draft textbook)
Department of Economics

Problem Sets are due at the beginning of class on Mondays.
You may work together in groups, but should attempt all problems on your own, and submit your own write-up.

Problem Set # 1. Due Monday, 9/11 ps1
Problem Set # 2. Due Monday, 9/18 ps2
Problem Set # 3. Due Monday, 9/25 ps3
Problem Set # 4. Due Monday, 10/2 ps4
Problem Set # 5. Due Monday, 10/9 ps5
Problem Set # 6. Due Monday, 10/16 ps6
Problem Set # 7. Due Monday, 10/23 ps7