Econ 460

Economic Forecasting

Reading Reflections


The supplemental readings are from The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail But Some Dont by Nate Silver


Each week, you will read one chapter from the book. You will write a brief one paragraph Reading Reflection, where you discuss or describe one issue you found interesting which arose in the chapter. It could be something you learned, something you found different than in the primary textbook, something you agree with, or something you disagree with.


Due Dates (The Reflections are due at the beginning of class.)


Chapter 1: Thursday, Jan 26

Chapter 2: Thursday, Feb 2

Chapter 3: Thursday, Feb 9

Chapter 4: Thursday, Feb 16

Chapter 5: Thursday Feb 23

Chapter 6: Thursday, March 2

Chapter 7: Thursday, March 16

Chapter 8: Thursday, March 30

Chapter 9: Thursday, April 6

Chapter 10: Thursday, April 13

Chapter 11: Thursday, April 20