Associate Professor, Economics

University of Wisconsin-Madison



Research Papers

  1. 1.Does Belief Heterogeneity Explain Asset Prices: The Case of the Longshot Bias (with Ricardo Serrano-Padial), Forthcoming at Review of Economic Studies [pdf]

  2. 2.On the Identification of Production Functions: How Heterogeneous is Productivity (with Salvador Navarro and David Rivers), revise and resubmit (2nd round) at Journal of Political Economy [pdf]

  3. 3.A Simple Test for Moment Inequality Models with an Application to English Auctions (with Andres Aradillas-Lopez and Daniel Quint), under review, [pdf]

  4. 4.Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Random Coefficients in Multinomial Choice Models (with Jeremy Fox), revised and resubmitted to RAND Journal of Economics [pdf]

  5. 5.Estimating Demand for Differentiated Products with Error in Market Shares (with Xiaoxia Shi and Zhentong Lu) [pdf]

  6. 6.Robust Inference of Strategic Interactions in Static Games (with Andres Aradillas-Lopez) [pdf]

  7. 7.Identification and Inference in Ascending Auctions with Correlated Private Values (with Andres Aradillas-Lopez and Daniel Quint), Econometrica, March 2013 [pdf]

  8. 8.Connected Substitutes and the Invertibility of Demand (with Steven Berry and Phil Haile), Econometrica, September 2013 [pdf]

  9. 9.Identification and Estimation in Discrete Choice Demand Models when Endogenous Variables Interact with the Error (with Kyoo-il Kim and Amil Petrin), revise and resubmit at Econometrica [pdf]

  10. 10.Identifying Demand with Multidimensional Unobservables: A Random Functions Approach (with Jeremy Fox) [pdf]

  11. 11.From Aggregate Betting Data to Individual Risk Preferences (with Pierre Andre Chiappori, Bernard Salanie, and Francois Salanie), revise and resubmit at Econometrica [pdf]

  12. 12.Negative Advertising and Political Competition (with Daniela Iorio and Carly Urban) [pdf] [appendix]

  13. 13.Identifying Preferences Under Risk from Discrete Choices (with Pierre Andre Chiappori, Bernard Salanie, and Francois Salanie), American Economic Review P&P, 2008 [pdf]

  14. 14.Post-Merger Product Repositioning (with Luke Froeb, Steven Tschantz, and Greg Werden), Journal of Industrial Economics, March 2008 [pdf]

  15. 15.The Stochastic Response Dynamic: Computing Nash Equilibrium using MCMC [pdf]