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Book Chapters

Piliavin, Jane A. 2007 (In Press) "Long-Term Benefits of Habitual Helping: Doing well by doing good." in Cooperation: The Political Psychology of Effective Human Interaction, edited by B. A. Sullivan, M. Snyder, and J. L. Sullivan. Malden, MA: Wiley   Publication
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Journal Articles

Okun, M., H. O'Rourke, B. Keller, K. Johnson, and C. Enders. 2014. "Value-Expressive Volunteer Motivation and Volunteering by Older Adults: Relationships with Religiosity and Spirituality." Journal of Gerontology Series B Forthcoming PMCID: 24717401  (no copy available)
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Schaeffer, Nora C., Dana Garbarski, Jeremy Freese, and Douglas W. Maynard. 2013. "An Interactional Model of the Call for Survey Participation." Public Opinion Quarterly 77:323-351 PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
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Piliavin, Jane A. and Erica Siegl. 2007. "Health Benefits of Volunteering in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 48:450-464 PMCID: 18198690  Publication

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