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Gasson, Ruth M., Archibald O. Haller, and William H. Sewell. 1972. Attitudes and Facilitation in the Attainment of Status. Washington, D.C: American Sociological Association   Publication

Journal Articles

Jokela, M., D. Batty, T. Hintsa, M. Elovainio, C. Hakulinen, and M. Kivimaki. 2014. "Is Personality Associated with Cancer Incidence and Mortality? An Individual-Participant Meta-Analysis of 2156 Incident Cancer Cases Among 42,843 Men and Women." British Journal of Cancer 110:1820-1824 PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
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Jokela, Markus, David Batty, Solja Nyberg, and Et al. 2013. "Personality and All-Cause Mortality: Individual-Participant Meta-Analysis of 3,947 Deaths in 76,150 Adults." American Journal of Epidemiology 178:667-675 PMCID: PMC3755650   (no copy available)
Kong, Jooyoung and Sara Moorman. 2013. "Caring for My Abuser: Childhood Maltreatment and Caregiver Depression." The Gerontologist Forthcoming:1-12 PMCID: 24265506  (no copy available)
Jokela, Markus, Laura Pulkki-Raback, Marko Elovainio, and Mika Kivimaki. 2013. "Personality Traits as Risk Factors for Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease Mortality: Pooled Analysis of Three Cohort Studies." Journal of Behavioral Medicine Forthcoming PMCID: 24203126  (no copy available)
Moynihan, Donald, Thomas Deleire, and Kohei Enami. 2013. "A Life Worth Living: Evidence on the Relationship Between Prosocial Values and Happiness." American Review of Public Administration Forthcoming PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
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Roetker, Nicholas, David Page, James Yonker, and Et al. 2013. "Assessment of Genetic and Nongenetic Interactions for the Prediction of Depressive Symptomatology: An Analysis of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study Using Machine Learning Algorighms." American Journal of Public Health 103:136-144 PMCID: PMC3786749   (no copy available)
Jokela, Markus, Alexandra Alvergne, Anna Rotkirch, Ian Rickard, and Virpi Lummaa. 2013. "Associations Between Family Size and Offspring Education Depend on Aspects of Parental Personality." Personality and Individual Differences 58:95-100 PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
Ha, Jung-Hwa and Manacy Pai. 2013. "Do Personality Traits Moderate the Impact of Care Receipt on End-of-Life Care Planning?" Gerontologist 52:759-769 PMCID: PMC3495908   (no copy available)
Floyd, Frank, Marsha Seltzer, Jan Greenberg, and Jieun Song. 2013. "Parental Bereavement During Mid-to-Later Life: Pre-to-Post Bereavement Functioning and Intrapersonal Resources." Psychology and Aging 28:402-413 PMCID: PMC3556368  (no copy available)
Ha, Jung-Hwa and Manacy Pai. 2012. "Do Personality Traits Moderate the Impact of Care Receipt on End-of-Life Care Planning?" The Gerontologist:1-11 PMCID: 22459693  Publication
Jokela, Markus. 2012. "Birth-Cohort Effects in the Association Between Personality and Fertility." Psychological Science 23:835-841 PMCID: 22722269  Publication
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Jokela, Markus, Alexandra Alvergne, Thomas V. Pollet, and Virpi Lummaa. 2011. "Reproductive Behavior and Personality Traits of the Five Factor Model." European Journal of Personality 25:487-500 PMCID: Pending  Publication
Garrido, Melissa, Ellen Idler, Howard Leventhal, and Deborah Carr. 2011. "Advance Care Planning: The Role of End-of-Life Values and Beliefs about Control over the Length of Life." PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
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Mueller, Gerrit and Erik Plug. 2006. "Estimating the Effect of Personality on Male and Female Earnings." Industrial and Labor Relations Review 60:3-22   Publication

Working Papers

Freese, Jeremy and Salvador Rivas. 2006. "Cognition, Personality, and Individual Response to Technological Change: The Case of the Internet Adoption." CDE Working Paper No. 2006-07, Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.  Publication
Mueller, Gerrit and Erik Plug. 2004. "Estimating the Effect of Personality on Male-Female Earnings." IZA Discussion Paper No. 1254, Institute for the Study of Labor, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.  Publication
Hauser, Robert M., Hsiang-Hui Daphne Kuo, and Randi Cartmill. 2003. "Birth Order and Personality among Adult Siblings: Are there Any Effects?" CDE Working Paper No. 2003-16, Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.  Publication

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