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Journal Articles

DellaPosta, Daniel. 2013. "The Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Military Service: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 34:73-96 PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
Maclean, Alair and Ryan Edwards. 2010. "The Pervasive Role of Rank in the Health of U.S. Veterans." Armed Forces & Society 36:765-785 PMCID: 21113413  Publication
MacLean, Alair. 2008. "The Privileges of Rank: The Peacetime Draft and Later-Life Attainment." Armed Forces and Society 34:682-713   Publication
MacLean, Alair. 2008. "The Cold War and Modern Memory: Veterans Reflect on Military Service." The Journal of Political and Military Sociology 36:103-130   Publication
MacLean, Alair. 2005. "Lessons from the Cold War: Military Servce and College Education." Sociology of Education 78:250-266   Publication
Zeitlin, M., K. G. Lutterman, and J. W. Russell. 1973. "Death in Vietnam: Class, Poverty, and the Risks of War." Politics and Society 3:313-328   Publication

Doctoral Dissertations

Kim, Hisam. 2006. "Three Essays Using Longitudinal Sibling Data." Doctoral Thesis, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, Wisconsin.  Publication
MacLean, Alair. 2004. "The Varieties of Veteran Experience: Cold War Military Service and the Life Course." Doctoral Thesis, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin.  Publication

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