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end of life

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Working Papers

Raymo, James, John R. Warren, and Andrew Halpern-Manners. 2013. "Careers and Mortality: What Do We Learn from Detailed Employment History Data?".  (no copy available)
Moorman, Sara M., Robert M. Hauser, and Deborah S. Carr. 2007. "Do Older Adults Know Their Spouses' End-of-Life Treatment Preferences? Evidence From the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study." CDE Working Paper No. 2007-05, Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.  Publication

Master's Theses

Su, Yung-ting. 2005. "Looking Beyond Retirement - Patterns and Predictors of Formal End-of-Life Planning Among Retirement Age Individiuals." Master's Thesis, Department of Consumer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin.  Publication

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