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Book Chapters

Ryff, Carol D. and Burton H. Singer. 2003. "The Role of Emotion on Pathways to Positive Health." Pp. 1083-1104 in Handbook of Affective Science, edited by R. J. Davidson, H. H. Goldsmith, and K. R. Scherer. New York:: Oxford University Press   Publication
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Journal Articles

Mailick, Marsha, Jinkuk Hong, Jan Greenberg, Leann Smith, and Stephanie Sherman. 2014. "Curvilinear Association of CGG repeats and Age at Menopause in Women with FMR1 Premutation Expansions." American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics 165:705-711 PMCID: Pending  (no copy available)
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Working Papers

Hale, Lauren. 2004. "Life Experiences, Strength of Emotional Response, and Sex-specific Mortality Risk Zones." OPR Working Paper 2004-1, Office of Popuation Research, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.  Publication
Goldman, Noreen, Maxine Weinstein, Jennifer Cornman, Burton Singer, Teresa Seeman, and Ming-Cheng Chang. 2003. "Sex Differentials in Biological Risk Factors for Chronic Disease: Estimates from Population-based Surveys." OPR Working Paper No. 2003-03, Office of Population Research, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.  Publication
Plug, Erik and Wim Vijverberg. 2001. "Schooling, Family Background, and Adoption: Does Family Income Matter?" IZA Discussion Paper No. 246, Institute for the Study of Labor, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.  Publication

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