Using the WLS Bibliography

Browsing publications
Searching publications
Saving citations
Exporting citations

Browsing WLS Publications

To view the complete list of WLS publications, click the Publications link on the WLS web site's main navigation bar at the top of each page. All publications will be displayed.

Searching WLS Publications

To search for a particular publication or for publications related to a certain topic, visit the main Publications page, enter a relevant word or phrase in the search field, and then press Search.

Saving Citations

WLS citations can be saved to the Saved Citations page for copying, printing, or exporting to bibliographic software. To save a citation, click the "Save this Citation" link underneath any given citation. Once a citation has been saved, the link text will become "Forget this citation". Clicking this link will remove the citation from your page of saved citations.

To view your saved citations, click the Saved Citations link on the navigation bar on the left side of the page. Your citations will be saved until you exit your web browser.

Exporting Citations

Citations can be exported in a number of different formats. You can choose to display your exported citations in your web browser or to save them to a file on your hard drive. To save them to a file, select "Export these citations as a text file". To view the exported citations in your web browser (possibly to print them), select "Export these citations in this window.

To export citations in an HTML-formatted, printer-friendly manner, choose "in printer-friendly format." To export citations in plain text, choose "in plain text format."

To export citations to ProCite 5, please follow the instructions below. At the current time the WLS web site only supports exporting to ProCite, but support for EndNote, Reference Manager, and other bibliographic software may come soon.

Exporting to ProCite 5

  1. Select "Export these citations as a text file in ProCite 5 format. Then click the Export button. You will be prompted to save the file to disk.
  2. Open the ProCite database into which you would like to import the citations.
  3. In ProCite, choose "Import Text File" from the Tools menu. Select the text file you saved.
  4. Choose the following settings:
    • File Type: Delimited
    • File Format: Comma Delimited
    • Target Database: the database into which you would like to import the citations.
  5. Click the Transfer button. The citations will be imported.