WLS in the News

The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study is one of the most comprehensive and successful studies in all of social science. In addition to the hundreds of peer reviewed scholarly journal articles, WLS has been featured in a number of recent newspaper articles, magazine stories, and television/radio interviews. Below are links to the most recent media coverage surrounding the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study:

Newspaper/Magazine Articles:

Wall Street Journal Article (August 15, 2011):
Hey, You! Mean People Earn More, Study Finds

Time Magazine Article (June 20, 2011):
Life After High School

Atlantic Wire Article (June 6, 2011):
Christy Glass, Steven Haas, and Eric Reither on Obesity and Salary.

New York Times Article (June 2, 2011):
Heavy in School, Burdened for Life

Time Magazine Article (Dec 9, 2010):
Straight A's in High School May Mean Better Health Later in Life

Miller-McCune Magazine Article (Dec 8, 2010):
Among Vets, Higher Rank Predicts Better Health

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article (Dec 5, 2010):
Survey Maps the Life of a Generation

Cleveland Dealer Article (Aug 31, 2010):
Male Life Span Tied to Mate Competition

Television/Radio Interviews:

MSNBC (June 8, 2011):
Do Thin People Earn More?

NBC 15 (March 11, 2011):
Carleen Wild Talks With an Interviewer and a Participant

Big Ten Network (Nov 2010):
Interview with Principle Investigator Pamela Herd


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